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Sunday, 13 December 2015

2015 My Resolutions | The Results

So I'm a little early with this kind of post but with not long left of 2015 (where has this year gone?!) I thought I'd write what I can up ahead of time. Apologies YET again for going MIA. My friends laugh at me because I keep excusing my disappearing act due to it being 'social season' but this IS a thing guys - what with dinners, dancing, parties, get togethers etc. But that's not to mean I don't care for this blog because I definitely do. And I recently got my mac back after it had to make a brief trip to the Apple doctors.

So back to the resolutions - here's what I set and whether I actually achieved any or all...

Eat healthier My diet is something I need to look at in the New Year. I used to be really good at sticking to restrictions at university (like not eating chocolate until the weekend) but this year I've let that slip and am reaching out for one more skittle far too many times. I know the food isn't doing me any good so now it's the New Year I'm clearing out my cupboard of the majority of my 'treats.'

Verdict: Yep this one didn't really happen but I'm not beating myself up about it because what 2015 has reignited in me (along with many other things) is my passion for food. I don't eat as much as some people but I'm genuinely back to being excited about food and eating again which compared to my relationship with food a few years ago is a big step so yeah, I'm not the healthiest eater in the world, but I'm also not the worst. I have also made a conscious effort to try more food too so it's not a complete fail...

Get more sleep Towards the tail end of last year this has become true as now I live in the city centre I immediately get more time in bed (#WINNING) but I still need to get more sleep as I'm always exhausted and have to rely on red bulls on a Friday to get me through the day (mention not sponsored by red bull by the way). I think this resolution will tie in nicely with the above and both will benefit each other. Anyone who knows me knows how much I like my sleep - try and get me out of bed and you aren't my friend!

Verdict: Mixed answer to this one. I do *technically* get more sleep now I'm not commuting but living in the city opens up a can of social worms. There's always something to do, places to be and someone to see so on the rare nights I do stay home, yes I get more sleep but on a yearly average, I've barely got the sleep I need but again, I'm not too angry with myself because I've had the best year.

Continue my fitness plan I'm proud of what I've achieved in 2014 fitness wise and it's something I'm conscious about continuing as I'm finally starting to really enjoy it, plus it's a great portal for me to release stress. So my resolution for this is to aim to cover 20k minimum a week in distance and develop my upper body strength as that's where I'm weakest.

Verdict: A big tick on this one. I ran over 100k in January - partly down to a bit of healthy competition at work but I still did it. Compared to the non-sporty girl in school who dreaded P.E and could barely do two laps of the athletic track, my body both internally and externally is transformed. I'm full of energy and bounce so come 2016 this will continue.

Stop stressing I'm one of those annoying people who's all or nothing. I'm either as cool as cucumber and relaxed or I sometimes get stressed super quick. So I'm going to try and take everything with a pinch of salt going forward and not let things or people who do little for me control so much of my emotion.

Verdict: I just checked this one through with my colleague to give me a review on whether this one has been done and she has said yes. I used to get stressed over anything and everything, however with all of the things that have happened to me, my family and friends over the past few years - I've got a new appreciation for worrying about what matters and not worrying about what doesn't. There's always, always someone worse off than yourself and always something to be thankful for. So it's one I'll probably be carrying on into the new year.

Travel more I love exploring new places and getting lost so this year I intend on seeing more of the world. On the bucket list is Mexico and LA. I'm heading to Prague in the summer for a wedding which I'm really excited about.

Verdict: Another big tick on this one. Hand on heart I've been so fortunate this year to go all of the places I have - kicked off in July with Ibiza, then onto Barcelona, Prague, Greece and finishing up in Amsterdam - three places I've never been to before. I'll probably do proper posts on each of my trips, tips of where to go and what I loved about them. Prague was absolutely breathtaking and it will take a lot to top that. So here's to 2016 and keeping the travel bug alive.

Volunteer I haven't done enough volunteering lately so this year it's something I need to invest more time in.

Verdict: Unfortunately didn't happen but I have invested more time in my personal relationships. So although I technically failed, I'm closer to those around me more than ever.

Continue to push myself out of my comfort zone I think it's really important to push yourself as a person. I've talked about this a few times before but I like to 'scare myself' a few times a month in doing things that I would normally say 'no' to. I wouldn't mind getting back into my dancing and hopefully some more activities that push me out of my comfort zone.

Verdict: I can't pinpoint exact times but both professionally and personally I've pushed myself massively out of my comfort zone. Part of that is down to the people and positive spirits I have around me but as with a lot of the above, it will be one I take forward into the New Year.


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