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Friday, 25 December 2015

How To Survive A Hangover

Untitled With drinking comes the dreaded hangover. Now I’m quite (wait scratch that), I’m VERY lucky to no longer get hangovers. I don’t know why I’ve been given a get out of jail free card with this as I used to get awful hangovers, but hey, I guess I’ve done something right and I’m not going to complain. So I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to survive a hangover.



As bad for you as takeouts are, they may save you wasting the day after lying in bed quoting how “you’re never drinking again.” Whether it’s cheesy chips, a pizza or some kind of burger meal deal - heck even if you come home and cook up a storm, accept you need to stock up on stodge. The only reason I promote the takeout route more is alcohol + cooking can end badly.

I hate water and the only three times I’ll drink it is either when I’m working out, when I’m ill or when I’m drinking. No matter how drunk you are, by the time you come home, force yourself to drink at least one glass of water - if you can handle it, have a second. You may not feel the benefits immediately but it’ll keep you hydrated overnight and will prevent the extent of your headache in the morning. If you can’t handle the second glass right there and then, keep it by your bedside incase of emergency middle of the night quenches.

Sleep solves most things. But if the room is spinning before you get your beauty sleep - take some time for the above two points to kick in. Get some fresh air and stay awake to allow your body to calm down before jumping under that duvet.

The morning after the night before

Now you can never pre-empt the extent of your hangover. But here’s the steps I used to take:

Get up and assess the situation. Lying down always makes it feel worse so get up, walk around and see how your body’s feeling.

Keep hydrated
Keep the water coming to flush out all of the bad toxins from the alcohol. Whilst that will work, most people will have their go-to drink. Mine’s lemonade. I find the fizz really works and I choose lemonade as it’s softly flavoured and won’t unbalance my stomach. I’m not going to lie, on a bad hangover I could get through nearly two litres of this in one day.

All the food
Hopefully you’ve prepped your house prior to this because if you’re too ill to grab a fry up out in town, at home cooking it is. Snack wise what always sets me up for hangover free success is a cheese board, which sounds stupid but it works. Specific cheese saviours I find are Cheshire, a mild cheddar and Wensleydale. In terms of meals, I recommend more stodge (don’t worry, you can exercise it off later, and chances are you did a lot of dancing the night before, that you can let go for now) in the form of a fry up and/or bacon/sausage sandwiches.

If you have to go out...

Not everyone will have the luxury of a dedicated hangover day - this is me 99.8% of the time, hence why I’ve had to force my body to not get hangovers, as quite frankly, I don’t have the time. So here’s how I deal with having to fake it:

Get outside
The fresh air will do you the world of wonders. Whether it’s a slow walk around your block, a sit down in your local park or for me, a 10K run - you’d be surprised how this can help your hangover. Unless you are a regular runner - don’t try that at home, literally. I only do it because I know I can handle it, plus if I can’t - I keep my phone on me to call for help AKA a lift home.

Take a shower
Whilst I do laugh at Jenna Marbles’ video of when she’s drunk and she’s scared she’ll drown if she goes near water, showering will sort you out. Avoid the hotter side of your water dial as you’ll probably be hotter than you normally are. Even if it’s a quick five minute in and out job, it will instantly help the hangover. If you’re feeling a-ok, even wash your hair - because nothing hides a hangover better than with a bouncy do.

Fake it ’til you make it
There’s been a few family occasions where my sister and I have both been hungover yet I’ve never been caught out. Why? Because of make-up. I’m not advocating we give up natural beauty - my sister is fortunate to look great without the slap however if your skin shows the hangover, bring out the make-up. If you wear make-up regularly, you’ll feel more like yourself and it can hide a multitude of sins. I owe MAC make-up an awful lot.

If you can stay home...

Catch up on some zzzs
One plus side of being hungover is using that as an excuse to be horizontal all day, and not feel guilty about it. So grab your luxury duvet and either hide there for the foreseeable or take it to the lounge for a movie day.

Lights, camera, action
Although I don’t get hangovers per se, I do get aspects of hangovers. One being film cravings, in particular rom coms - which is crazy as it’s never normally my go-to genre. But hey, I’m extra emotional after a glass of wine (or eight). So stick on Pretty Woman and watch Gere battle his fear of heights and rescue Roberts from the tower, or hear Julia Stiles tell Heath Ledger how although he’s broke her heart, she STILL loves him and cry your blinking heart out.

Needy central
We’ve already established you’ll be emotional so neediness will come into play. Snuggling up together, engage in endless hugs and chances are you’ll go around telling everyone within a five mile radius you love them.

And then go back to sleep, and HOPEFULLY by day two, you’ll be feeling hunky dory again.

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