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Monday, 21 December 2015

Liverpool Changed My Life

Over a year ago now I went to Liverpool. Groundbreaking I hear you shout, and yes, heading X miles further up north is no big deal. However it kickstarted my spontaneous life.

I’d spent the weekend with friends in Leeds and was heading back to Derbyshire smiling from ear to ear after a great time. I had a ticket to Manchester where I was meant to catch my connecting train home. But something suddenly struck me - I wanted the fun and the adventure to continue. I’d booked the Monday off work randomly, having days to use so I did the more low budget version of heading to the airport with no destination, and said to myself I’d stay on the train I was on, regardless of where it was headed. I wanted to give up control and let life decide for me (which for someone with control freak tendencies WAS a pretty big deal).

As Manchester approached I knew that was my moment - go with my head and get off, use my booked ticket and be the usual sensible girl I was? Or take a risk and roll the dice of life? Needless to say my heart won and as the train pulled out of Manchester and the ticket conductor walked past, he told me we were headed to Liverpool, which thankfully is a city I know well.
I told my nearest and dearest that I wouldn’t be home which was met with a few concerned messages and part of me was like “What are you doing?” but I silenced that side of me and then got on with the task of deciding where I was staying that night. To feel a little bit at home I chose a hotel my friend’s dad had been the architect of, and spent the next day making time for me. I didn’t see any of my Liverpool friends, I just relaxed, rejuvenated and remembered the simple things in life, like taking a walk by the docks, watching the sun set and not having to answer to anyone. It does sound a little bit selfish but it changed my life.

I’ve been further places alone than Liverpool but the trip was decided in the space of 5 minutes, with no plan of where I was going, where I was staying or being properly equipped, but now I live life by this mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have a plan but what’s a life if you constantly go with your head? Sure you may have a safe life but it won’t be what you want deep down. I follow my heart everyday. I don’t get much sleep and I spend way more than I should but my heart is fulfilled. I have a thirst for life, for change, for newness, for adventure and doing things I’ve never done - things that push me out of my comfort zone, that challenge me and help me grow.

This summer my friend and I were running late to the airport and she turned to me casually and said “Don’t worry, if we miss the plane, we’ll just book the next plane wherever out of here” - the girl I was three years ago would have been horrified at this statement, yet the girl I am now absolutely loves that sense of adventure. So 2016 I’m excited for you. I’m ready to top the adventure that 2015 was.


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