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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

10 Things A Guy Shouldn't Do On A First Date

Sure first dates are nerve wracking at the best of times, but with Valentine's Day fast approaching we dish the dirt on what guys should DEFINITELY not do...

Be glued to their phones

Surely your social life can wait an hour or so, after all, we ARE on a date.

Ask if you want children

Out of all of the conversations to bring up, this is not one of them... Sure I may want a boy first, followed by a girl called Rosie, but that doesn't mean I want to share this info with you.

Get hammered

We get it, your nerves are probably all over the place but avoid getting plastered - we're not on a bar crawl. And how are we meant to get to know the 'real you' after 10 beers?

Turn up late

On a first date, first impressions really count. So arrive on time or early, and if you are running late (for hopefully a good reason), let the other person know.

Physical contact

Physical contact on a first date is a little strange, even more so when it's not asked for #JUSTSAYING

Talk about exes

Unless prompted and okay-d by both parties, this is another topic to not talk about on date numero one.

Bringing the boys as back up

If we don't realise, fair enough, but we're on a date with you - not your squad.

Being rude

Whether that's to us, fellow people or the waiter, as MAGIC! famously sung 'Why you gotta be so rude?' It's not big, it's certainly not clever and it won't bag you a second date that's for sure...

Talk constantly about themselves

Whilst it's key to keep the conversation flowing, let your date get a word in edgeways.

Checking out other girls

Yes, the blonde in the white bodycon dress looks #FLAWLESS but don't make it obvious. It makes us uncomfortable and you are meant to be on a date with US.


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