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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Five Women That Inspire Me

So today marks International Women's Day and one of my favourite of these kinds of ‘holidays’ if you will. I’m a big fan of supporting our fellow females so I’ve pulled together five women that inspire me and why - because it’s pretty damn good being a girl, no?

Jo Elvin

For anyone who doesn’t know (shame on you), Jo Elvin is the editor of Glamour - Britain’s No1 Women’s Magazine. Whilst my friends had stacks upon stacks of Vogue artfully piled in their lounges, I had Glamour. Whilst I completely respect Vogue, Glamour is my bible. It’s compact, it’s jam-packed full of greatness and it was THE mag to help my transition from teen to woman (still feels weird using that word but…).

Sure I don’t *know* Jo, but from what I see and read in Glamour she’s pretty damn good. She edits, in my eyes, the best magazine in the world, producing fantastic shoots, engaging articles and a visual masterpiece. It’s the one mag that gets me truly exited to make a trip to WHSmiths at the start of the month and the 300 pager I wouldn’t get on any train or plane without. So keep doing what you’re doing because it inspires me everyday.

Lindsey Kelk

Still in the journo-sphere (probably not even a word or saying but let’s roll with it yeah?), is Lindsey Kelk - a best-selling British author, most famous for her ‘I Heart…’ series. I’m not even exaggerating when I say if you haven’t read one, go do it, like now.

Her writing is modern, funny, sassy, captivating and all round awesome. And from when I’ve briefly spoke to her on Twitter she seems just as lovely as you’d expect. I love to write and reading her books keeps me inspired to further that dream.

Britney Spears

Whilst my sister was obsessing over Boyzone and Take That, I was always a Britney girl. I had posters, every single and always imagined one day I’d meet her. Fast forward 15 years and that hasn’t happened but growing up she gave me a love of music and an appreciation to work hard at your career because just look at how well she’s done.

Jennifer Lawrence

If I could make my own celeb girl squad, J-Law would be at the top of my list. She’s real, she’s sassy, absolutely hilarious and oh yeah, an amazing actress. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, can laugh at herself and even makes falling over look flawless (everyone remembers that famous Oscars fall right?!).

Kelly Cutrone

A girl boss, kick-ass female who speaks no nonsense. From her straight-talking 'If you have to cry, go outside' book to being a mentor on America's Next Top Model, if you want to get inspired, read up on Kelly Cutrone.

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