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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Girl Power Is Stronger Than Ever, And I Love It

Growing up I had girl mates, but shortly after being bullied I briefly lost trust in fellow females and found friendship much easier with my guy pals. There's always a common feeling that guys are less complicated and well, less bitchy so I stuck with my 'lads' for years and had a pretty damn good time. I got to play pool on the weekly, drive around San Andreas on GTA to my heart's content and I'd like to think my banter grew stronger. However it was only when my girl squad started to re-build that I re-gained a whole other life back. I loved my boys but there's something else about having your girlfriends in your life.

Sure there are downsides to being a girl, and I’m not going to list them as that’s not the point of this post, but what I always brag about is my circle of trust if you will. Who else can you have a group spoon with or a 200 message Whatsapp chain with? Who else will put up with your drunk behaviour, tell you they love you approximately a million times after one too many tequilas or honestly inform you that that guy you’re seeing is no good and that top you think is ‘on trend’ actually makes you look like a twat? Your girls that’s who.

They’ll teach you more about life than your partner. When you have a row you can’t just have sex and get over it, you have to fix it head on. Guys usually take to their fists when they’re angry whereas as Marie from the Aristocats quite rightly pointed out: “Ladies do not start fights, but they know how to finish them.”

The Spice Girls started it off all of those years ago, and thanks to social media, female celeb inspirations and well for me, having the best group of girls around me, having a girl squad is an essential. Instead of being threatened by each other, we’re empowered. From telling my colleague she’s 'looking fierce today’ to high-fiving each other for nailing that presentation or giving my work wife a 10 minute pep talk before a big meeting - gone are the days of the gossip girl bitchiness.

I could go on for hours about each and every one of you which makes me beam with happiness, because how lucky am I to be surrounded by such support, such pillars of strength, such sass and such rays of light. I used to think I’d prefer to have one or two close friends, that a great big crowd would be overwhelming. Do you know what, yeah it can be overwhelming but it’s an overwhelming feeling of happiness, of appreciation and love. I also used to think I was okay alone, that I didn't need anyone but hands held high, I was wrong. You lot make every single day worth living, there's not a minute I'm not cracking up in laughter, reading a funny message that makes me smile or reliving a night or memory that you literally could not write.

So to the Spice Girls: you were right about it all, well, apart from that bit when you said that ‘If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends’ because let’s not be literal with that. That would definitely mess with girl power…

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