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Thursday, 24 March 2016

What's Happening?

For anyone following/reading my blog you may have noticed a few changes, mainly the name. Formerly known as ‘Style Speaks Louder Than Words’, going forward (once every change is in place), the site will fall under my name – Stacey Joanne Marie. My blog name and, I guess, blog identity changed in 2015 after a year of pondering “Do I/Don’t I?” but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while for many reasons. One, I (and my blog) am a different person now than I was all those years ago when I opened up this little corner of the internet. And since then my blog’s content has changed - even more so over the past year. 

I’ve been in the ‘blogging community’ for a while now (apologies to those who hate these blogging cliché words…), and the name was plucked out of nowhere really if I’m being honest. It’s a little weird letting it go as it’s been part of my blogging journey and it’s what I’m ‘known by’ but time changes things and I feel having a title so niche towards one market doesn’t represent my site or what I stand for today. I still love fashion, don’t get me wrong – I work for one of the biggest online fashion retailers in the country so I get to spend a hell of a lot of time within that industry daily. And there still will be fashion posts on here. But as you grow, so do your passions and your time to indulge in those. I love photography, lifestyle, beauty, food and travel too, which does make my blog hard to label when I’m asked ‘what kind of blog do you run?’ but I kind of like that. I like the vast span of topics I can write about and the direction I feel the site can go in now more than ever.

As for my name, I could say it is what it is, but there is a little more behind it. I’m named after my late grandparents (Joan and Mary) – my parents gave it more of a modern twist to what it is today. After losing my last grandparent not so long ago, that kickstarted this change too. There’s a little bit more about me here, but for my long-time readers, I won’t bore you with that now.

Along with the name change, some of my social handles have changed again - annoyingly not consistent due to the long name. My Instagram imagery is now all blog focused. It may look like I have no personal life but I’ve taken a step back from sharing my whole life to the world because I want to keep that personal.  

Instagram: staceyjoannemarie

Twitter: SJMFord

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