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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Why Your Sister Is One Of The Best Friends You’ve Got

If you’re thinking this post will be me bragging about how my sister and I have the perfect relationship, you’re wrong. But in spite of that, having my sister and having A sister in general is one of the best friendships you can have. In case you’re wondering where this post has come from, today marks National Sibling day. I work in marketing so these ‘key dates’ come streaming out of my ears - believe me, even I sometimes question where they come from or if someone just wakes up one day thinking: “yeah, I’m going to start that.” My sister and I don’t see eye to eye on everything and whilst we’re completely different in some respects, in others we’re completely the same.

They’re Always There To Hang Out

Family holidays, the six week summer break, Christmas dinners - you name it, you’ve got someone else there to make it bearable and a little bit more fun.


There’s Always Clothes To Borrow

Double the people, double the clothes. You don’t have to like everything in each other’s wardrobe but there’s bound to be a handful of pieces that can sort you out on those “I have nothing to wear” moments. Growing up chances are you snuck out that top she strictly said you couldn’t borrow and mysteriously goes missing from her wardrobe.


They Can Give You All Kinds Of Advice

Whether you’re the older or younger sister, there’ll be armed with advice, experiences and tips and tricks from what to do and what to avoid. Sure you may not listen to it at the time, but looking back you’ll wish you had.


They’ve Got Friends You Can Hang Out With

When it comes to friends, more is more. More invites, more parties and more fun. I’m lucky in that growing up my sister and I shared a group of friends that we hung out with, holidayed with and even were bridesmaids for our friend together.


They’ll Teach You A Lot About Life

Aside from advice, they’ll teach you a lot. From how to drive, plait your hair, play an instrument or get out of trouble with your mum and dad - valuable life lessons are a plenty.


They’ll Be There To Tell You The Truth, Whether You Want To Hear It Or Not

You’ve been through physical fights, fall outs and every awkward moment, so they won’t soften the blow - they are NOT that kind of friend. Expect honesty, but it’s for your own good.


They’ll Have Your Back Through Thick And Thin

Family drama, school, work, friends, partners past and present - no matter the issue, they’ll be there to talk about it, laugh it off and move on.


They'll Always Be There To Reminisce About ‘That Time When’

Out of all of your friends, they’ve been by your side the longest and will have the most memories with you. Sure they may not all be good, some may be bad, some crazy, some hilarious and some you’ll never forget.


No Matter What You Do, They’ll Forgive And Forget

Blood’s thicker than water. Through every life event, every up and down, good times or bad, they’ll stand by your side. I know this as my sister and I could have the biggest blazing row where we hang up the call, but then the next day we’re back to normal confirming our 12pm lunch plans.

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