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Monday, 16 May 2016

Beauty | My Everyday Make-Up

I’ll hold my hands up, I am the worst girl ever when it comes to beauty. I’ve been colouring my hair the same colour for nearly 10 years (boring I know), I don’t ever paint my nails and can’t even use an eyelash curler. I officially let down girls all over the world. But I’m kinda okay with it. What I have got nailed down is my day to day routine, my everyday make-up.

I’d even go as far as saying I could put it on in the dark or with my eyes shut - maybe a potential video (disaster) coming soon…I’m probably applying it wrong or not making the most of what I could do but it works for me right now. As you may know I work in fashion but believe me there’s no pressure to look good, I just like to look a little done up 9-6 and then I’m ready for after work plans, not needing to start my ‘face’ from scratch. Plus, I work with some ridiculously stunning females, so if a little lipstick makes me feel better about myself, why stop?

I know there’s some people that do their eye make-up last and some that do it first. I’m a first kinda girl. Why? Purely because if it goes wrong, I can fix straight away and stop it smudging. So first things first, I apply a medium thick line of black pencil eyeliner across my lids. Growing up I used to always line the waterline of my eyes - now I can’t imagine anything worse - not only because it shrinks the size of my eyes but mainly because of the pain. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ve used liquid/gel eyeliners in the past but they don’t tend to work as well for me, so I stick to what I know. And the great thing? It costs less than a fiver - it’s the Rimmel Eyeliner in Jet Black. I tend to stock up during 3 for 2 offers because I go through so many of them and try to carry one in each bag/make-up bag.

Before starting my base I just use my make-up cleanser/remove to wipe under my eyes where the eyeliner could have fell during application. Next is my foundation. I don’t like to cake it on and when i’m having a good skin day, the only areas I’ll cover are the bags under my eyes (note to self: get more sleep) and my nose. I switch between the Real Techniques stippling brush and the foundation brush to get my finish. I’ll usually start with under my eyes because it’s the most sensitive area and then work my way around my face. For my foundation, my go-to and lifelong friend is MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid. I have tried other foundations but I’m yet to find one that I like as much, so I’m sticking with it. Plus you get a free lipstick when you trade in your empties so that’s always a good catch and it's got SPF 15 built in so it's reassuring to know my skin's protected whilst wearing it.

I find the foundation really easy to apply and has great medium coverage without looking too ‘cakey.’ I then move onto my brows. My brows are one of the main reasons why people find it a little shocking that I colour my hair as they’re dark naturally. One thing I regret growing up was plucking my brows - now I rarely do it just to let them grow. I used to get HD brows but I find it’s a waste of a treatment for me as I can get the more natural brow I want at home, and save some money…

My brows now is the one step that I ‘value’ the most. I used to take my brows for granted, now I definitely don’t because they without a doubt frame your face. I start with a clear mascara and brush them into shape so I can see where they’re naturally falling, and so I know how much product, if any, to apply. I use Collection’s clear mascara which again is under a fiver so hardly breaks the bank. Once they’re in place, I use an eyebrow pencil (Rimmel again) add some depth and shape to my brows. I again probably don’t spend as long as I should on this step, but where I can spend more time in bed, I do. So after a few minutes of pencilling in, I set them with the same clear mascara I used before.

And then I go back to my face. I set my make-up with No7’s Pressed Powder, concentrating on the oilier parts of my face, so as expected, my t-zone and around my hairline as with wearing my long hair down a lot, it’s inevitable that I touch my face.

Once that’s all sorted, I’ll apply a lip if that’s the look I want to go with. I have three lipsticks that I rotate and it’s rare I’ll use anything else. It’s either a MAC nude lip, a Rimmel dark pink shade (that I think is sadly discontinued) and my trusty go-to shade: Collection’s red colour - they rebranded their lipstick range a few months ago but it’s the most phonebox red shade they’ve got. I wholeheartedly recommend their red lipstick as it’s cheap, rich and long-lasting. I’ve used designer brands in the past which just haven’t delivered the same results, so I’ll stick to my cheaper lip for now!

And that’s it. All in all, I spend no more than 10 minutes a day doing this before work. I can do it in just over 5 minutes if I’m in a rush but as a rule I won’t spend a long time ‘doing my face’ as I honestly can’t be bothered. I still haven’t nailed contouring, probably never will. But that’s something else I’m okay with.

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