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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Why Letting Go Is The Best Thing You Can Do

You know those sassy laugh out loud Instagram quotes you tag your friends in? I love them. And it’s one of those that inspired part of this post.

“If you have to force it, leave it. Relationships, friendships, ponytails. Just leave it.” In my eyes, in your life you should never feel like you’re forcing anything. Ideally no part of your life should be a chore. Sometimes holding onto to something or someone is more damaging to your life rather than letting it go. Naturally we cling onto what we know, our routine, our day to day. And some people sail through life like that without a hiccup. But hiccups happen for a reason. And it can be the scariest thing letting a part of what was your life go but it can also the best thing you’ll ever do.

It used to be in my nature to get worked up over the tiniest of things. If my train was late, I’d get stressed. If someone sent me a less than pleasant email or message, it would really hurt, but not anymore. I went through a period where I was unhealthily obsessed with my weight and not only did i exercise non stop but I missed out on so many social events, meals and memories with my friends because I was afraid of food. Now, I’m the first to the buffet. I used to be scared of answering the phone yet now I’ll happily fly across the world solo (I even prefer it to be honest). I used to find presenting terrifying, now I relish it.

Letting go comes hand in hand with fear. Once you overcome your fear, you’ve let it go. Sure back then I was skinnier and could fit into a smaller dress size but I couldn’t care less now. I’d rather be a little chunkier and genuinely enjoy eating out with my friends and not worry about having just one more slice of cake. I’d rather have another long island ice tea without panicking about the calorie content because quite frankly, life is too damn short.

If I receive any negativity or rude comments, instead of letting that bad vibe enter my life and happy zone, I mentally bounce it back, and if anything feel sorry for the person emitting it. What you allow to upset you has a control over your life’s happiness. So simply let it go. Something bad happens at work? Is it life or death? Chances are, unless you work in a hospital, the answer is no. Have a quick 5 minute time out, breathe and put things into perspective.

If you let bad things define you, they’ll eat you up. In my group we’ve been through divorce, death, cheating, horrible illnesses, break-ups - you name it - it’s happened - just like with everyone else in this world. But to flip that coin we’ve also been through great relationships, lifelong friendships, marriages and babies. The bad things we’ve let go and for the less serious ones, even joke about the situations now we’ve accepted they’re in the past.

Sometimes you need some time alone to realise what you need to let go in your life - heck even write it down. It can be a draining job, a toxic relationship you’re staying in because you’re scared of what else is out there, somewhere you’re living but you’re not happy with - whatever it is, addressing it will honest to god free you so much.

Delete your ex off Facebook, when you’re caught in the rain - dance in it, kill people with kindness even if they don’t deserve it because what you don’t deserve is to stoop to their level. Be the bigger person, the biggest revenge is happiness - I think you get where I’m going with this.

Just last year my best friend and I were running late to the airport. I’d like to say this was a one time thing but sadly no, because sometimes I take my own advice too far and let go just that little bit too much. But she was calm (as she always is) and casually remarked how it didn’t matter if we missed our plane, we’d just look at the departure board and choose where to go instead. Find a friend like that, hell, find a group of friends like that. The ones who want a fun, relaxed life are the best and healthiest to be around. They’ll enrich your soul and make everyday seem like the best rollercoaster to be on.

A lot of people can’t get their head around my positive nature and how I’m this happy every single damn day. The secret? Letting it go.

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