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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Review | Kiehl's Facial

When it comes to skincare, I’m at a loss. Although I’ve followed beauty blogs for years, read all of the magazines and been tempted into Boots one too many times, it’s one area where my skills need some shining up. So when I was kindly given a pair of facials at Kiehl's I grabbed my flatmate and hastily booked in for some pampering.

My only previous experience with the brand was in my Glossybox subscription all of those years ago when I first started blogging. They’ve recently opened up a shiny new boutique store on King Street in Manchester which as you’ll see from the below photos, is pretty damn nice. Sometimes Manchester misses out on chic little stores like this so it’s a fine addition to the pretty cobbled street (Kikki K you just need to open up here now too please!).

The store has a few services on offer, as well as being a place you can simply shop in to pick up all of the fancy lotions and potions. The brand was originally a pharmacy in New York founded in 1851 and thankfully for someone like me who has the odd bout of sensitive skin, they specialise in skincare that’s free from artificial colours, fragrances and parabens.

Upon arriving we were given skincare face tests to see exactly what type of skin we have. Most people tend to know whether it falls under the dry, combination, oily categories etc but for me, I feel like mine changes on the daily, whether that’s down to my diet, whether I’ve had a heavy night, not much sleep or the environment around me. My test showed I had combination skin with dry areas on my cheeks and to be expected, more of an oily disposition on my t-zone. I find that definitely rings true on my forehead and around my hairline as when I wear my hair down, I subconsciously touch my face constantly, especially if at work and rushing around the office.

Following my consultation, I was whisked to the treatment room for my facial to begin. Cleansing my face is never a task that I can say I actively enjoy doing but when someone else is doing it, it feels so much better. After 15 minutes relaxation and layers of luxe products I was left with heavenly skin. It felt velvety soft and it was hard not to touch it. Although I doubt I’ll ever master the art of contouring or be on board with a smokey eye, what I have learnt is that effort equals results and I’m not getting younger so hopefully this will kickstart a master regime. So do I recommend it? Definitely. Not only for the results, but the chic design in store and staff that are simply a pleasure to be around.

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