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So I’m known in the office as someone who’s a “fussy eater.” I put it in inverted commas as I disagree. I’m not the most adventurous eater, yes, I’ll take that but do I try everything put in front of me? Yes I do. So when Wagamamas invited me down for my first ever experience, I jumped at it, taking my Instagram husband with me.

For those who don’t know, Wagamamas is a Japanese inspried restaurant which started in 1992. We visited their Manchester Spinningfields branch on a typical Manchester rainy day, and decided to split whatever food we ordered so we could really get our teeth into all of the dishes, literally.

So to start we ordered three mini dishes: Edamame Beans, Mushroom Onigiri and chicken strips, which I’d say for two people, is the perfect size. My favourite as a less than adventurous eater was definitely the chicken strips. The texture was a little more chewy than I expected but the meat was beautiful. I’m not a mushroom fan but the Mushroom Onigiri had a great texture and the the portion size of the Edamame Beans huge, so huge in fact we had to bring these home in a takeaway bag.

Something I didn’t realise, and a nice little touch is that green tea is free at Wagas so we made use of that. For mains, one of their managers had recommended the Grilled Duck Donburi, and having had duck before, was more than happy to give it a go. So alongside that we also ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry, which I’d heard rave reviews about.

Service was super quick and we had our colourful dishes in next to no time. We started with the Katsu Curry which was amazing, slightly on the spicy side for me but it gave the rice a delicious flavour and the chicken, as expected, was amazing. The dish also comes with a salad, which is a nice addition but something we sadly passed on to leave room for the duck. The rice was quite extensive with the curry so I’d definitely make sure you’re hungry before ordering.

Onto the duck. It comes on a bed of carrots, sweet potato, onions, a fried egg and more. Whilst we struggled to finish the bottom of the bowl, the duck was lovely, if anything I’d probably have liked a little more but that’s because I’m a big meat eater but having it teamed with veg gave it a fresh balance and a definite ‘healthy feel’ factor.

And finally because we can never say no to dessert, we finished with their Chocolate Fudge Cake, which was listed as being drizzled in ‘Wasabi Dark Sauce’, which we were a little anxious about, but we needn’t have been. It wasn’t as spicy as what we thought it would have been and the cake was the perfect size to share after a few dishes.

Even though we’d gone through a few rounds of food, although we were full, we remarked on the way home how we didn’t feel uncomfortably stuffed which says a lot about the ingredients and healthy dishes on offer. The venue was lovely, spacious and airy, the service quick, and the staff were fantastic from the get go.

So thank you to Wagamamas for my first Waga experience and showing me that I can leave my food comfort zone and all will be okay…

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