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Monday, 11 July 2016

How-To | Make Mondays Bearable

We've all been there... Monday strikes again and the adventures of the weekend are a mere memory. But fear not, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, because life is what you make of it. I've pulled together my top tips to sailing through the supposed sad day with a little sass.

Get your planning done

You know what makes Monday less stressful? By getting your life in check the day before. Yes, so technically Sunday is 'the day of rest' but as they also say 'a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.' So dedicate part of your Sunday to prep. What that means is up to you. Whether that's getting your lunches planned and cooked for the week ahead or simply deciding what you're wearing to work on Monday to take that 'I have nothing to wear' moments away, find your stresses and say buh bye to them.

Get ready to a great playlist

I'm yet to meet someone who music doesn't cheer them up. So get your fave playlist on standby for when you wake up. I kick off 30 minutes of music as soon as I step out of bed so by the time I leave for work I'm already on a high.

Catch up with friends

Everyone is snowed at the weekend trying to see partners, friends and family and that's before some dedicated me time. So keeping up to date with your circles can be tough. Use Monday as a day to rally round and reply to all of the messages you've missed. Hopefully you'll hear back off some of your BFFs that day, which will definitely turn that Monday frown upside down!

Wear a killer outfit

Sure, fashion isn't as big of a deal for everyone and not everyone admits to having a 'style' but whatever you wear day to day is your style. So throw on an outfit that makes you feeling bossin' so even if you don't feel sunshine and rainbows, you'll look hella hot.

Take care of admin

Slightly boring one but there's no better way to clear your head and some of the Monday blues by keeping your life in check. Whether that's bills, replying to personal emails, returning items to shops - get it done. It'll relax you for the rest of the week and come Friday you'll most definitely have that feeling. Win all round

Forget the diet

How many times do we tell ourselves that the diet starts on Monday? Well I kinda disagree. Monday can be grim enough on its own merit without having to steer clear of your favourite foods. So have another chocolate button or a handful of crisps. Life's too short.

Make plans

Having something to look forward to is the biggest motivation to a Monday. Whether that's a hot holiday or something as simple as a sauna trip with your work wife, a date night with your partner or hitting the shops for a new outfit - get that diary out and start planning.

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