Sunday, 31 July 2016

My Summer Holiday Reads

So book reviews isn't something I've really delved into before but having just come back off holiday (blues are so here), I've read a fair few. And since I always like going off recommendations, I'll share a few of mine.

Monsters by Emerald Fennell

First up, I picked up Emerald Fennell's book - 'Monsters.' The story is told through the eyes of 12X year old who we quickly find out is orphaned after her parents die in a pretty tragic boating incident. Yet she seems to handle this and most other things in life with a pinch of salt. The story is a mix of thriller, dark humour and great plot twists in a 'can't put down' manner. It wasn't a book I'd usually pick up, but I did, and I'm glad so. If you're after a summer story with a difference, this is it.

Always The Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

I'll openly admit, I love anything by Lindsey Kelk. I eagerly await every one of her releases and I always breathe a sigh of relief at Smiths at the airport when I spy one of her books I haven't read. So Always The Bridesmaid may not be a new release but I've let my book reading game slip so took it along with me this time. And just like every other book of hers - I loved it. Focused around three close friends, Maddie is trying to balance single life, a demanding career, pleasing her family all alongside being bridesmaid to her best friend and soon to be bridezilla. If you're after a book that'll make you laugh out loud and probably read cover to cover on the flight - pick this one up. Or any other book by Lindsey Kelk if I'm being honest...

The 20 Something Guide To Getting Your Life Together By Mary Traina

I like to read a variety of books from thrillers to romance and fiction to in this case - a little bit of self-help. I read a book a few years ago that changed my life and that was what started my uber positive mentality. So when this beauty popped into the Urban Outfitters sale, I picked it up. Written by blogger Hello Giggles, it's not only beautifully designed but SO easy to read. It's written in a completely relatable manner and has a chapter that everyone can relate to. I related to it that much, it felt I had written the book myself. If you're needing some life advice or just a little pick me up - pick THIS up.

According To Yes by Dawn French

This wasn't actually a book I picked up but since I read all of my selection, I had to borrow. I hadn't read any of Dawn's books previously but always liked her on TV. The plot wasn't one I was expecting from her - upper east side New York but having been a huge Gossip Girl fan, I was happy to take a walk back down that lane. At first I wasn't overly keen and it did take me 3-5 chapters in to really get going but after that, the story ran away with me, as did my imagination. I always know I like a book when I immerse myself in the plot and start to picture the locations and the characters. The story sees Rosie leave England and fly to New York to be a nanny for Upper East Side twins who currently live with their strict grandmother whilst their parents battle a messy divorce. But believe me when I say there are plot twist a plenty - so pick up if you fancy a surprise in pretty much every chapter!


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