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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hey It's Okay...To Not Have Your 'Life Together'

Untitled 'Adulting': a term used frequently by today's generation and heck even me from time to time. Being an adult varies right? For holiday companies 16 and over, for explicit films at the cinema and to drink - 18. And from that point there's an underlying pressure to get your life on track and your sh** together.

Sure we're not back in the 'olden days' where you'd be married off young. Do I feel the pressure to get married still? Sure. Although you're not hitched off and with your third child by the time you're 30, literally everyone seems to be getting engaged these days, amplified I can only imagine by the huge social media buzz of bragging. There's nothing wrong with that, social media encourages it in everyone but it can also be a forum for those feeling like they're underacheiving to send them into a life spiral.

The same goes for your career, your house, your finances, your appearance - you name it. I could care to get my nails done on the regular, invest in a fancy house, get a well paid job that I didn't have much passion for and get that 'lusted after ring on my finger.' It would probably please society, but would a weighty rock on my finger please me? No. Life ain't a checklist and you should only strive to do things that bring you inner peace and happiness.

Who says what having your life together looks like? Can they paint you a picture? Will the clouds part and an angel float down from heaven with a high five and a glass of Moet once you reach that pinnacle of so called success? Make your own happiness, make your own version of having your life together. Make the rules for your own game. Life's short and the only real way you'll ever know you're on your way to having it together is content-ness (probably definitely not a word). When you don't strive - but don't get that confused with becoming complacent because you always want to maintain your happiness once you arrive.

Having your life together doesn't have to equate to monetary value. It can be as simple as cooking a killer breakfast, fitting in an exercise regime before work, making time to call your parents, seeing your friends from home once a month. It can be being a good person, spreading a good mantra to those around you, volunteering or simply making someone's day.

But I do suspect that no-one ever really has their life together. There's always cracks in people's foundations, it just depends if you let those cracks develop or whether you build a happy, strong life regardless of them. 'Having your life together' is all well and good but I'll tell you what's better? Happiness.

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