Review | Cocktails At The Alchemist

IMG_5016 IMG_5017 IMG_5012 IMG_5021 IMG_5022 IMG_5028 IMG_5029 IMG_5024 IMG_5027 IMG_5031 IMG_5034 Gone are the days when I all I drank was vodka. Since working/moving to the city however many years ago now, I’m a lover of wines, all kinds of spirits and cocktails. So when the guys at The Alchemist invited me down to check out their new cocktail menu, I hopped, skipped and jumped down to Spinningfields. More and more places across the city are opening with cocktails being at the forefront, but The Alchemist is still my go-to for a night of choice and variety.

Inspired by science vibe of the brand, the revamped menu plays on interactivity with concoctions served in medicine bottles, a periodic table menu and ingredients that play with your senses. The Alchemist has always been known for its Instagram worthy, colourful concoctions but since the refresh, they've stepped up onto another level. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty non adventurous when it comes to my cocktails - I know what I like (Strawberry Daiquiri and a Long Island Ice Tea) and what I don’t (anything with gin or definitely never a mojito) and I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to trying something new.

Laid out in a cocktail periodic table, there’s something for everyone and graphic design enthusiasts will leap at joy at the menu alone. First up was the ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Tickle Me Pink’ cocktails. Candy Crush is a mix of vodka, cordial and egg white. Visually this is a girl’s dream and for those with a sweet tooth - this one’s for you. It has a light, fluffy texture and one worth a gram (Instagram I mean). The fluffiness is teamed with a dusting of popping candy on the top making it a multimedia affair.

Tickle Me Pink sees gin, elderflower and nettle stings come together for quite the concoction. Now at first glance, it does look a little off-putting as you’re met with a clear drink, nettle leaves and a red liquid syringe. But hey, it stands out and is a conversation starter. We were advised to squeeze out the shot onto our tongues before tasting the main event. You do that to get the tongue tingle that makes this drink what it is. It’s a little shocking at first, but one you’re used to it, it’s a delightful infusion.

Next up were two very contrasting cocktails in the form of a ‘Key Lime Pie’ and ‘Black Jack.’ The Key Lime Pie is a visual dream with rich yellow hues topped with a cream layer all in a chic glass. Just like the dessert, it’s a softly hinted cocktail and extremely light on the lips - perhaps not on the hips but you can’t have it all!

Black Jack is another syringe situation, this time a sambuca inspired shot to kick start the cocktail. Now I hate sambuca and it took a few seconds to pluck up the courage to taste it but the drink itself (although the colour unusual) was an absolute delight combining rum, curacao and zombie mix. Probably wouldn’t be my go to cocktail due to the syringe but if I mixed that in to begin with, I could see myself having again.

And the final round saw another duo that couldn’t be further apart in terms of taste. A coffee infused ‘Melbuccino’ had vodka, liqueur, milk and coffee foam. This was definitely my least favourite as I hate coffee so I’m probably not the best to judge and after a while it lost its wow factor as the ingredients blended together but you get a lot for your money and I can see coffee lovers loving it - a lotta love basically.

And what was without a doubt my favourite from the batch was the ‘Peaches and Cream’ which I probably wouldn’t normally order as I’m usually a Long Island Ice tea gal, but in short, I loved it. A combination of peach and pink grapefruit and prosecco it’s served in a champagne glass and tastes as good as it looks.

Whether it’s day drinking or a busy Saturday night of fun you’re after, head to The Alchemist for quite possibly too much choice. Get you and the girls down and order something different each - because what’s life without a bit of variety?!


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