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I'll hold my hands up, I didn't know much about Malmaison aside from them being a popular hotel. But when National Afternoon Tea came around and I got my researching head on, they cropped up on my hotlist. Why? Well their website shows a pretty kick-ass line-up (click here if you wanna see).

So in the name of research (yes, "it's a hard life" I hear you cry) I popped down to the Manchester branch to check it out.The Manchester venue have recently re-vamped their food theme, opting more for a grill/steak vibe which is reflected in their modern take on afternoon tea. Chic mini bites are on the menu, literally with dainty wraps, burgers finished off with salted caramel brownies and mini meringues all washed down with a moreish summer berry smoothie.

This one is definitely worth an Instagram, as it's one your friends will get serious FOMO over. Full of colour and taste, portion size is even more than what you'd expect for an afternoon tea - we did struggle to finish but that's never a bad problem to have...

My faves were definitely the burger (big meat lover) and the brownie which oozed texture and taste. The smoothie was rich with flavour and as for the prosecco, I can never say no...

If you're not in the mood for savoury, you can opt for just the cream tea alone for just a tenner or swap your tea for a glass of champagne or choose a cocktail  for a little more money.

Located in 15 UK cities, you'll be able to find one close to you and enjoy a delish set up that'll gain a few likes on Insta too!


  1. Oh my gosh, the mini burgers totally got me- best afternoon tea ever!!!
    Love Stephanie Dreams

  2. Oh wow, that looks amazing. I miss Manchester so much!


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