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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Let's Talk...Hair

Untitled My most asked questions are hair related so until I get the guts to get into YT videos – I thought I’d talk through my hair journey below (adding in an interview I did with Dirty Looks a while back)…

Is this your natural hair colour?

Nope! It looks like it is as I have dark eyebrows but naturally I’m a dark blonde/light brown shade.

And length?

Yes – all mine. I’ve had and still have a couple of sets of hair extensions but I’ll be honest, they’re really not for me. I’m so low maintenance with my hair now and I’m a terrible girl in that I have zero patience or skill when it comes to beauty, so the idea of spending an extra 10-20 minutes a day putting them in, puts me off. Plus because of how long my hair is naturally – they’d only really add thickness and I’m quite happy with my hair as it stands.

My hair hasn’t always been this long though. Growing up I had a neat little bob until the age of around 14-16 where my mum let me start growing it, and I’ve never stopped…

Who inspires your hair?

I get inspiration from lots of places. I got into the whole beehive craze from Carrie at Wish Wish Wish and I love Lydia’s hair (Lydia Elise Millen) so in terms of bloggers – there’s so many that I think – yep they look fantastic. General street styles is also a source, along with magazines, Pinterest and of course celebrities. I love Blake Lively’s classic blonde bombshell look, Megan Fox’s glossy mane and I always wanted to be Blair Waldorf because of her ‘do.’

Would you ever be tempted to change up your look?

Probably not. I’m at a point where I’m really happy with my hair – its length, its colour, its shape, its quality and everything else so ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ Also I’ve had a few hair disasters that have put me off…

Talk us through those…

I came back off a holiday wanting 'Gretchen from Mean Girls' colour but my scalp was burnt so they were reluctant to dye my hair so the hairdressers suggested blonde streaks. I'd had them done before so didn't think anything of it. However, they picked the brassiest shade and made them really thick so my hair was more like stripes than streaks. I had to buy spray on hair colour and spray my head everyday for about six months before I had it fixed! The hairdresser also dyed my hair jet black, although I'd warned them that that my hair takes to colour really quickly. I was absolutely devastated and they or any other hairdresser couldn't fix it. This was a time before 'ColourB4' so I literally had to wait for it to grow out which took at least a year. So you could say my faith in hairdressers has been lost!

Describe your everyday hair routine- remember to spill the beans on any Holy Grail products!

If I'm drying it, I'll just use some heat defence spray before blow drying. I'm actually quite boring when it comes to products - I try a lot of oils and serums but they don't tend to have much effect on my hair, so I think a 'less is more' approach works best for me. I’ve been using the same shampoo for nearly 10 years now so that’s a must-have for me, especially when travelling as I know it won’t irritate my scalp. I’ve actually stopped blow drying my hair now – I wash it so much less and I’ve cut back on the heated appliances.

What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever received?

Probably down to its length, colour and quality. I give a good hair flick…

Are you an addicted to your heated styling tools or are you happy to be a natural beauty?

A bit of both. Where I can, I'll try to let my hair dry naturally to give it a break but that's not always possible if I’ve got a function or event to go to – but I’m less addicted to appliances these days. I rarely ever blow dry and I never as a rule straighten my hair – instead I add in curls once or twice a week to give it some extra texture.

What are your favourite quick and easy hairstyles?

I really like leaving it natural to be honest – it dries really quite straight or with a slight kink to it. I love just leaving it straight because it’s literally no maintenance apart from a 20 second brush in the morning (more sleep…) or I’ll run my curling wand through six sections and hairspray – this is another fave go-to because it lasts for a few days so I let the curls drop naturally over the course of a working week or weekend.

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  1. I'm so envious of your long locks! And you should DEFINITELY do youtube videos xx


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