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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Reasons To Be Psyched It's September

Untitled Okay, okay - so we're two weeks into September but if you're like me, and a bit of a summer baby, you're probably feeling a little blue that those long sunny days are behind us. But fear not, because while we'll miss you summer, there's so many reasons to get psyched that it's September...

New season wardrobe

I love summer but I prefer autumn/winter for styling. There's just something so satisfying in luxe layers and touchable fabrics from crushed velvets to silky satins. A/W is the season to play around and hey, like you need an excuse for a new dress, or three right?!

Cutting back on the leg shaving

One drawback of summer = the countless leg shaving. However come fall, you can start to forget bare legs. I say this but tights fill me with dread, and I'll be putting off wearing these for as long as I can...

Fashion Week

Okay, so not everyone's cup of tea and sure we can't afford a lot of it, but the passion and inspiration is enough of a drive to get excited about four capital fashion cities hosting a month of fashion fun and wardrobe inspo for the next season.

You know how to dress

Summer dressing on paper seems easy right? Camis, shorts and embroidered numbers. Hell no in England. Monday can be 25 degrees and sunny and then Tuesday rolls around and it's 10 degrees colder and not a spark of sun in the sky. With A/W comes wardrobe confidence - you know what to wear, you know it's gonna be cold and hey, we're kinda okay with that.


Because let's face it, we never see it during summer. Sure dark nights suck, but actually getting to watch the beauty of sunrise now it's coming up that little bit later, kinda makes it all worthwhile.

Staying inside becomes acceptable again

Whilst everyday may not be glorious in an English summer, there's something so guilt tripping about spending your 'summer days' indoors. Until now... We're talking duvet days, boxset marathons and dining at home more with a nice bottle of red and candlelight.


  1. Just found your blog and i love it so far. I personally like Autumn / Winter just for makeup, i feel more inspired on these seasons but for fashion I love summer because i don't like to wear thick clothes haha.
    I have a beauty blog also if you want to take a look :)

  2. I'm so with you on the leg shaving thing, I literally just do near my ankles so it's acceptable for the gym! xx


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