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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Day In The Life Of...

Quite a few of the questions I get asked are work related as i work in fashion marketing. So as it’s my four year anniversary at boohoo and sometimes the best posts come from ‘within’, I’ve pulled together what an average day look like, not like there ever is an ‘average’, but I’ll give it a go..


My day starts one of two ways, either by being productive and running a quick mile or two along the canal or by snoozing my alarm several times until i’m left with 20 minutes to look presentable. I pick what I’m wearing either the night before and sometimes have my whole week’s outfits planned ahead of the working week. I rarely dress for the weather as for one it’s England so if I dressed for the weather I’d be in jeans and a polo neck everyday, and two - from work to meetings and my after work plans, I have to be dressed for all occasions or have the ability to switch up my outfit during the day if it doesn’t scream post 5pm vibes.



After what should be a calm stroll but usually ends up a sprint in heels to work, I’ll start my day by catching up on emails and planning my day, seeing what meetings I’ve got on, what urgent things I need to address and what projects are coming up when.


I cook my breakfast most days at home and bring into work but on the days I don’t, I get breakfast with my work BFF. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day but I almost always get the same order in our work canteen so they know my order off by heart. If it ain’t broke and all that…



Each morning we’ll meet to discuss what we’re covering content wise that day to be reactive to news, celebs, trends and anything else on our radar. We’ll also go over our BAU, what’s already plotted in and what everyone’s workload is looking like, shoots taking place, events, campaigns, requirements and everything else under the sun.


Following that meeting, time will be spent reshaping the content calendar if we need to jump on anything newsworthy - whether that’s covering it on social, filming a video piece, writing an article, planning to cover an event or gathering more research.



My lunch hour really depends on meetings and plans - I try to take it at 1pm but it sometimes gets a little later. Working bang in the city centre is full of temptation so my lunch plans vary. I can either be popping to the shops, fitting in some writing or more than likely grabbing lunch with some friends. On a nice (rare) day, the work gang will take to the local canal for some sunbathing. I’ll miss you summer…


The rest of the afternoon depends on the day, most of my meetings happen in the afternoon or I’ll be tying up some reports and finish up scheduling content for the evening/next morning. I’ll then look at my to-do list and anything I haven’t done I’ll make a note of for the next day.



I’ll usually head straight from work to an event whether to cover for work or for this blog or for dinner and drinks. When I first moved here I was dubious of the quantity and quality of Manchester blogging events but they’ve really changed my opinion.



I aim to be home no later than 9/10pm, where I’ll cook some late dinner and have 30 minutes following to sit down, maybe watch a little bit of TV or re-watch a boxset before bed.


In an ideal world this would be my bedtime but it’s usually verging on the midnight side of things. I’ll spend 10-20 minutes each night responding to any emails I’ve missed throughout the day, replying to whatsapps, text messages, social notifications and feeling a little guilty that I’ve chosen a glass of wine over the treadmill but c’est la vie…


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