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Friday, 7 October 2016

How I Got Healthier Hair

Untitled First off, a little disclaimer - my hair is not perfect. But after 10 years of mistakes, bad cuts and regrets - I’m at a point where my hair is in pretty good nick. In the blogging world I get hair envy off lots of stunners - VIPXO, Lydia Elise Millen, Yasmine Chanel - I’m looking at you guys. And because I always enjoy reading top tips, watching tutorials and brushing up on all things healthy hair related, I thought I’d share how I got my tresses in tip top condition. None of this is groundbreaking but hey, it seems to be working...

I got regular cuts

I used to avoid the hairdressers like the plague (if you read my article here, you’ll know why). I’ve been between one and two years without a cut which if you’ve got long hair like me, you can technically get away with but it’s not doing your hair any good and it looks shoddy to be frank. I do pay quite a lot to get it cut now so I don’t go too much but I’m in a salon now where I feel comfortable with people I trust so I actually enjoy getting my ends trimmed. Hairdressers recommend 8-12 weeks for a trim but as I said, with long hair, you can stretch it that little bit further so I aim for every 16-18 weeks unless it needs it sooner.

I cut back on washing it

Growing up I washed my hair every single day and now I can’t imagine ever doing that again. I’ve got fine hair, but a lot of it so it used to get greasy really quick but I think that was down to me over-washing it. Plus, all of the time I wasted could have been put toward something more productive. Now I actually enjoy second, third and hell, even fourth day hair. The thicker your hair, the longer you can usually go between washes but it generally just depends on your hair, whether you’ve exercised, it’s been a hot day etc. You’ll know how often it needs lathering up and on the unwashed days, use those to experiment with different styles.

I stopped blow drying

Along with a daily wash came a daily blow dry. I don’t claim to give the best blow dry but as my hair’s naturally straight, it used to come off L’Oreal ad worthy pretty much everyday. But again, it’s a tedious part of getting ready and one that started to damage my hair so now I probably only blow dry my hair once every few weeks as I’ll air dry it at the weekend and nights before work, also because I’m lazy and like to sleep in in the mornings. I’m not saying the hairdryer’s seen its last days but this is without a doubt the biggest factor in how my mane is so healthy.

I ditched the hair dye

Part of me will always regret dying my hair in the first place as we all know, virgin hair is the healthiest. But hey, what’s done is done and I actually love my colour. I haven’t ditched dye completely as as I’m still brunette, I have to top up my roots otherwise my blonde/light baby hairs crop through giving me a grey hair vibe, so every 2 months or so, I’ll touch up my roots. But as of a while now, I don’t do an all over box job and it’s improved the quality of my hair so much. It’s bouncier, lighter and my new colouring definitely suits my skin tone more.

I cooled down on using heated appliances

Aside from the hairdryer, I’ve stepped away from my old faithful GHDs and my curling tongs. I’ve not been as impressed with GHD since my school days - the straighteners were just so much better then and my love affair turned to my Babyliss curling wand instead (which I will review properly soon!). If my natural straight locks aren’t up to scratch, my hair’s getting a little greasy or I just want to make that little bit more effort, out the curling wand comes but only once or twice a week.

I put the backcombing brush down

I used to be known for my beehive. I look back on photos and not only cringe but feel sorry for all of the terror I put my hair through. From the backcombing to countless bottles of hairspray and then the de-comb pre-shower - ouch. Now I probably backcomb every couple of months and keep the height to a minimum - this was also starting to wreck my hair so my advice would be to cut back!

I let it do its own thing

Some days my hair will wake up Cheryl Cole flawless, other days it simply won’t but now I just let it do its own thing and just work with what I got.

I stopped stressing

This could just be in my head but I’ve lost a lot of stress these past couple of years and I like to think that radiates my entire body from my smile to my scalp. Maybe that is clutching at straws…

I cleaned my kit

From your hairdryer to your hair brush, like any tools, you need to keep them in the best condition AKA clean them. They harbour a lot of bacteria which you’re then putting straight onto your clean hair, so set aside some time to clean your kit and buy double of everything - brushes can take ages to dry!

I stuck with what I knew

If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it, and all that jazz. But for me, completely true. I’m using the same shampoo, conditioner and heat defence spray that I’ve been using since I was 14. That’s over 10 years and my scalp seems to take to it really well. You’ll know what that means to you - so whilst your hairdresser has the skills, they don’t have your hair - so on this one, you DO know best.

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