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Sunday, 11 December 2016

My Sweet Sixteen

Untitled When I first set myself up to list 16 highlights of 2016, I was anxious. Whilst I proclaim to love life everyday and that’s no lie, finding 16 big moments was a little intimidating, but I’ve done it. 2016 saw a lot of lows but a hell of a lot of highs too. We can’t change what’s happened but we can let every experience shape us, grow from it and make us a better and stronger person. So here’s my sweet sixteen, it’s been a rollercoaster. I’ve laughed more than I ever have, welcomed so many new people into my life and been more grateful than ever for every one of you in my life. It’s been another 365 stories to ‘tell the kids’ and I wouldn’t change a second of it for the world.


1. Welcoming Rosie Worthington

I always remember finding out my friend Petra was pregnant. We were in this beautiful country pub in Chesterfield and joking about how long it was going to be before she had a child and she replied “in about nine months actually” and Rosie is just the cutest little human I ever did meet. She's always so happy, has a killer dress sense (Go P) and she's such a joy to be around. And her parents are pretty good eggs too.


2. The Manchester 10K

In January my work wife and I signed up to the Manchester 10K. I’d run before but this would be my first ‘real race’ and little did I know when we signed up that a few months later, 50 others from boohoo would be around us to make it one of the most epic days ever. There was a point near Old Trafford where I lost motivation to keep running and 30 seconds into me beginning to walk, I heard a cry of ‘Ford, come on’ and it was one of many of my work family. And crossing that finish line was mind blowing. Even more so when my mum and dad were waiting for me, and yes I did cry but it was honestly one of the best days of my life. We raised money for a great cause and I was so proud of every single one of us.


3. The Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge

September saw us took on another charity challenge - this time the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge. It involves walking 24 miles in 12 hours and a coach load of boohoo guys and girls set off at 5am to get a move on, literally. I’ve written about the full experience here but looking back, it was tough, I did want to give up a few times towards the end but yet again, the spirit of boohoo and the bond we have pulled everyone through. Even to the point of having to embark on a rescue mission when not all of the team made it down the mountain in the daylight. Teamwork at its finest, and it made me so super proud to work for such a strong and loyal team.


4. The Midsummer Night Ball

I’ve been to a fair few balls in my time, but this one topped it. It was my birthday weekend and on a beautifully warm day we decked ourselves out in black tie and headed to the countryside for a Midsummers Night ball. From a free bar to food, fireworks and dancing, it was one of the most magical nights of 2016 and one I’ll never forget.


5. Watching England

On the same day we ran the Manchester 10K, whilst everyone else headed off to the pub for a celebratory pint, we ran across town to get ready for the England game at the Etihad Stadium and what a match it was. We were very lucky to be invited to a box where we arrived to the national anthem echoing the stadium. It was such an electric atmosphere with every goal scored and I’m so grateful to have been part of that special day.


6. Stylist Live

Earlier this year we headed down to London for Stylist Live. We were only there for the day and if we’d known how good it was going to be, I would have been there the whole time. It was such an inspiring day filled with motivational talks and workshops and the magazine really did do themselves proud.


7. Bongo's Bingo

September saw the marketing team head to Bongo’s Bingo. We’d put the team activity to a vote and this is what won. I wasn’t too keen at first - bingo?! But boy was I wrong. If you haven’t been, you HAVE to. From dancing on the tables to Laura pocketing £600 from it, sometimes the best nights are the ones you never saw coming.


8. Blackpool

Blackpool divides, I get it. But when one of my work favourites handed his notice in to move to Australia (as you do), I wanted him to go out with a bang. Kickstarted by a last minute night out in town which saw a 5am bedtime, 5 hours later we were on our way to Blackpool. I’d pulled together a day of ‘things you’ve got to do when you go to Blackpool.’ From dancing on the pier to the arcades and eating fish and chips on the beach, it was the most fun day and whilst I wish he never left work, let alone the blinking country, it’s been a good year of memories and you’re one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met Gui.


9.My Promotion

Just before my 25th birthday I got the promotion I’ve always wanted. Not only was it the best feeling, everyone’s reaction to my good news was so humbling and to be able to progress in the company I’ve given my heart and soul to, meant the world.


10. The Sunsets

Whilst my Instagram would suggest otherwise, I love a sunset. And Manchester you’ve done yourself proud this year as well as all of the sunsets I’ve seen from my travels. Sometimes the best things in life are free.


11. The Music

Another year of great music, from Coldplay to Parklife and Anne Marie to NAO, I’ve been very lucky to see so many amazing acts live.


12. London Calling

I love London. That’s not a secret but at the end of summer we headed down for a group outing. My friend hadn’t really been to London much so I took her round all of the typically London spots. Not only that but we had a gorgeous dinner from 80 floors up, used the 24 hour tube on its first night and had picture perfect memories.


13. The Sunday Times Style Party

I’ve been to some amazing parties this year and when the Sunday Times Style invite dropped into my inbox, I had no idea what lay in store for me. At the newly refurbed Principal Hotel, Mark Ronson DJed to hundreds of us alongside free flowing champagne, dancing and mouth watering food. It was well worth the hangover, put it that way, and I can’t wait to spend more time at this stunning venue.


14. Friends Old and New

So many new friends made this year as well as continuing with my favourites. From brunches to holidays and parties to all of the in betweens, 2016 has been an absolute blast. And whilst I’m definitely not the best friend and need to work on being less shit with keeping up with everyone, you all honestly mean the world to me.


15. boohoo

Safe to say boohoo has played a big part in my continued happiness, even more so in 2016. From winning best online retailer, countless other awards, smashing targets, my promotion, the parties, the projects, trips, but more importantly getting to work with my best friends everyday. It’s a company bursting with talent, creativity and I count myself so lucky to work alongside people that have my back, warm my heart and make working for a living an absolute pleasure. I can’t imagine my life without every one of you.


16. This Blog

And finally this blog, the website where I’ve been able to express my feelings and bring you along my journey for another year. It’s brought me some amazing opportunities, some new friends and some unforgettable memories. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me, everyone who reads my posts and makes this community one I’m damn glad to be part of. Here’s to another great year.

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