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Monday, 2 January 2017

17 Things For 2017

Untitled We’re day two into this New Year and what better reason to set some goals? Hopefully by having them on here in public view will mean I’ll actually action them. She says…

1.To stay dry this January

And no, I’m not talking about the weather but the booze. Even though I’ve got to an age now where I miraculously handle my drink to the point of never getting hangovers, I probably do drink more than I should. So for four weeks, it’s off the table. Am I worried? Partly. I’ve got away with no hangovers for so many years now that the paranoid part of me thinks this shift in diet will rock the boat. But here goes…

2. To stay in more

Pretty self explanatory but I used to love being at home and having nights in. 2016 didn’t really allow that so whilst I loved every minute of last year, I probably do need to put the party side of me away every now and then.

3. To get more sleep

The above two being reasons I don’t but I’m not getting any younger and at some point my baby face genes will fail in helping me look youthful so more time’s needed in bed for sure.

4. To go to Wimbledon

Because come June every year I become so immersed.

5. Watch a United game

Because I’ve spent more time inside the Etihad compared to Old Trafford and people are starting to think I’ve jumped ships…

6.Sell/donate everything I don’t need

I’ve got a lot of clutter and unused bits so this is the year I finally sell and/or donate it all.

7. Do another 10K

Our training starts next week so this one will hopefully be in motion sooner rather than later - I’ll keep you posted.

8.Go back to the Big Apple

Because quite frankly it’s been too long and I miss the concrete jungle. This one is already in the pipeline so roll on spring/summer!

9. To keep my body in shape

Another turn up for the books, for some reason my body’s in the best shape it’s been in so I want to cling onto that whilst I can.

10. Raise more money for charity

Last year through the 10K and the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge we raised a lot of money for our chosen charity so here’s to more of that!

11. Read

One thing I miss about commuting - reading. On holiday I can get through a book a day but how many have I read since? None. Yep. None.

12. Work on old relationships

I know for sure that I get wrapped in a bubble in the city sometimes so 2017 is about maintaining relationships.

13. Get back into baking

Because whilst I’m not GBBO star baker, I used to be pretty good at it.

14. Blog three times a week

I go through phases of either writing a crazy amount at once to having no motivation whatsoever so for 2017, consistency is key…

15. Travel more

Aside from NYC, Ibiza and Australia are on the wishlist for this year but pretty much this one is to travel more period, whether that’s at home or abroad.

16. Take up a new sport

I used to dance when I was younger and whilst my Saturday night moves aren’t the worst, they’re nowhere near what I used to do, so either getting back into that or some other sport.

17. Be happy

Simple, and a nice one to end on. To follow my heart and go after whatever that is. It’s been a winning formula so far so long may it continue…

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