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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why I'm Doing Dry Jan

Untitled Dry January’s nothing new but this year I’m giving it a go. I don’t believe I have a problem with alcohol but do I drink a lot? Yes. And not in a two bottles a night at home by myself situation but more of a ‘it’s slowly crept up on me’ admission. I’m out most days and nights of the week and happy hour is blooming everywhere. I know most bar’s cut off times across the city. I have a favourite white wine at one particular venue and we’ve been known to sprint across town to make Turtle Bay’s 2 for 1 7pm cut off.

And that’s before blogging. With that comes an array of of events and networking that naturally come with either a free bar or at least a welcome couple of drinks. Add that to birthdays, leaving dos, weddings, payday and the general ‘we’ll just go for one’ lies and it’s become part of my day to day. So I thought, right that’s it, time for another challenge. It was initially going to be just for the week but that would be too easy right? Socially, it will be a test. I’ve a few birthdays, a leaving do, a wedding, meals and general temptation to make me crumble this month.

Am I worried? A little and not in that I don’t think I can do because I definitely think I can. I have more than enough fun sober and most of my ‘best moments of my life’ have come sans alcohol. What worries me is the hangover situation. Hold on I hear you say - you’re not drinking. True but at the moment I don’t get hangovers period. I used to get them, but for the past four years I’ve miraculously swerved every single one for some unknown reason, and much to my friends’ annoyance. Will four weeks dry mean that come February the little devils return? Will my winning streak be over? I bloody hope not. As much as I do feel guilt every time I’m fresh as a daisy and my friends are resigned to their bed for the whole day, being able to run a 10K the morning after the night before is something else.

We’re also doing the Manchester 10K and Yorkshire Three Peak challenge again this year as well as a few other active goals lined up, so if anything I’m hoping it’ll mean my health will be in better check and make my training a bit more beneficial. Or it could make absolutely no difference. But here we go. I’ll see you in four weeks to hopefully a success…

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