Date Night At The Printworks


Valentine's Day: dreaded by some but loved by others. I, however, love it, because quite frankly I love love. I remember one year a guy, who I won't name, handed me a card saying "some guy asked me to give you this." He failed to realise that I'd known him for years and could tell his handwriting a mile off, but I played along and inside it read "I love you more than you'll ever know." Clearly that stuck with me, just like my ability to list the first ten elements of the periodic table.

And that's the thing with Valentine's Day, for me anyway, it's more about the words, the thought and the company. Two dozen roses means bugger all to me, I'd rather one pretty rose and a well versed card. This year we were kindly invited by The Printworks team for a night of food and a film, two things that have a special place in my heart.

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We booked in at Wagamamas for a two course delight ordering the Tori Kara Age, Chilli Squid and the Steak Bulgogi, as well as a glass of prosecco naturally. It was my first time trying squid and I surprisingly to those who say I'm a picky eater, really liked it. Unsurprisingly I still haven't mastered using chopsticks, but some things never change. Both the starters or sides as they're actually called were delicious and filling to the point I did struggle with my main but from what I had, that was just as good too. I've now been to both the Wagamamas in town and I do really like the intimate vibe of this one being tucked away underground but the food and staff at both are a delight to be around.

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Following food it was lights, camera, action time at the Odeon Printworks as we settled down for the second installment of the hotly anticipated Fifty Shades. Ana was never someone I could get on board with in the first one but two hours of Jamie Dornan is more than enough of a reason to dim the lights in my eyes.

I don't go to the cinema enough with life zooming around at a million miles an hour, but it's always a joy at The Odeon, and yep I'm one of those people that has to be there for the trailers. Fellow film fanatics unite.

We went home straight after the film, it was a school night after all, but the beauty of the Printworks is that you've got a hell of a lot under one roof. Bars, restaurants, a cinema and a gym and pool - so you can literally go to town, whilst in town. And anywhere where you don't have to get soaked by the Manchester rain walking between venues is always a winner in my eyes.



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