Review | Crazy Pedro

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled I love pizza. We have it every month at work and it's just an all-round crowd pleaser. Hungover? Put a pizza on. Picky eater friends coming round? Order a pizza. It's got your back through thick and thin. So when I was invited down to Crazy Pedro to check out their Feb special, off I went (with someone else obviously).

There's two Crazy Pedros in Manchester, but being NQ based - that's the one I visited. It's not been here too long and unless you know where to find it, you'll most likely miss it, so let me try and guide you. Think Afflecks Palace where the 'God created Manchester' sign hangs. Think also opposite the Tib Street car pack and where the main entrance to Dive is. That may not have helped you in the slightest but it was worth a shot. Its location may be hidden but I actually like that. Manchester can sometimes feel like the smallest place, bumping into people you'd rather not if you catch my drift, so 'getting lost' appeals to me.

It's a bar and pizza parlour in an intimate setting. With low level lighting it's perfect for date nights and having a dance come Friday or Saturday night. I've been a few times for drinks with friends and have been told to keep it down previously so that's a sign of a good night right?

But this time I was there to sample their Feb Pizza special: AbraKebabra. Made up of Mozzarella, Lamb Tikka, Lettuce, Red onion, Cucumber, Tomatoes and Mint Yoghurt - it's quite the mouthful but in a bid to extend my pizza palette, we dug in. The lamb tikka was just the right amount of spice and was off-setted perfectly against the mint yoghurt. I was a little worried about the salad being a salad avoider (yep that's a thing, don't deny it) but it was done in a subtle way that added to the textures of the pizza.

The portion was massive so it's definitely one to share. If you're a Joey from Friends who quite frankly doesn't share food, feel free to give the whole thing a go, or one of my favourite bits about Crazy Pedro, is that you can order by slice (£3). And even better, come happy hour, a slice is reduced to just £2 - perfect for when you've had a few to drink and need to get back on track, are in between meals or just fancy a bite. Because we all have those friends that throw a last minute night out on the cards leaving you with no time for a sit down meal. So don't fret, get your dancing shoes on, stock up on happy hour drinks and order a slice with your fave cocktail.

Speaking of which, we had two Tequila Sunrises. I hate tequila. Whenever my friends initiate this, I either bribe the nearest stranger to take it off my hands or empty the shot glass into the nearest plant. But, this was a level of tequila my mind, body and soul could stomach. The staff here are really down to earth and friendly so pop up a stool and ask them what they recommend. And order some pizza obviously. Because no great story started with a salad...


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