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Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled I love brunch. I love bowling. So when the two are combined, I'm a pretty happy chap. Manchester's Dogbowl have done just that. Right next to Oxford Road Station, it's one of the few bowling destinations in the city with an intimate setting. Their breakfast menu is brand new: served 10am-12pm every weekend, you can start the day right and bowl away straight after.

No surprise here, I had the All American which is your traditional fry up and my go-to whenever we go out brunching. I've probably had half of the city's fry up offerings but this one had an edge. What edge I hear you ask? Portion size. Some places take the sausage out of the equation - why? And most you only get the one if you do. But no, not here. You get two, and two pieces of bacon. I questioned whether it was real life. I am a notoriously slow eater so whilst the other guys wolfed down their breakfasts, I slowly but surely got my fry up fix. And as you can probably guess, it was delicious - if the photos above haven't convinced you enough.

Whilst I do admittedly have a child like stomach, it filled me up so much, I didn't need to eat until seven hours later. Straight after we burnt a few KCals hitting the lanes. I love doing things that I used to do as a kid, and bowling's one of them. The amount of bowling parties we all went to and the deliberation over whether you'd put up the bumpers was always one that ended up with a few arguments and eye rolls at your boyf. We all do better with them up let's face it.

But we're adults now so the bumpers were down. I won't explain to you how bowling works as I'm sure you know, but nonetheless, we had a belting time, even if I had a dodgy last two bowls and ended up losing. I like to think I took it well, but apparently I didn't. Can't win 'em all Stace...

It's breakfast with a difference and one that'll encourage some healthy competition amongst your squad. Just practice your gracious loser face ahead of time...


  1. Why have I never been here! I really need to it looks incredible. It's definitely on my to-visit list.

    The Crown Wings


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