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For those who follow my Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been pretty much living at Grand Pacific. When I heard Living Ventures was heading up the King Street renovation, I got a little bit excited after seeing some pre-pics. Oozing Manhattan glam and opulent interiors, I thought it’d be too good to be true but luckily, it’s not.

Set at the top of King Street surrounded by the likes of Rosso and Hotel Gotham, the building has light spilling in at every corner with stunning views of the nestling architecture around. You’re greeted by a sweeping staircase that wouldn’t look out of place in a Disney film or that slow mo part in films where you’re walking down to meet the love of your life. Or simply heading to Grand Pacific.

Dark woods are mixed with marble touches and gold highlights. And we all know the blogger excitement we get anytime marble makes an appearance. Alongside their regular a la carte, on a Sunday they offer a traditional roast to get your teeth stuck into. Some call me a picky eater but one thing I will never turn down is a roast dinner - I’m British, what can I say?

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You can either order as a standalone or as part of their two or three course set menu. On this occasion I went for all three. First up is a Prawn Cocktail starter which shock horror for those who know me, I’d never had before. First things first, this place knows how to do presentation and each dish came out looking like an art installation that wouldn’t look out of place in Tate.

The prawns themselves were lightly spiced and oozed a nice taste of sesame oil. I did have to rope in some help finishing it off so that I could leave room for my main (small stomach girl probs) and they received a thumbs up from both of us. Next up was the main event - the roast, which you have a choice of beef or chicken. The beef gets wheeled out very fancily by the chefs to be served there and then, which I’ll be honest, makes me wish I’d ordered that option but the chicken was just as beautifully presented as course one.

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Sometimes there’s a worry with lavish restaurants with regards portion size but that’s not an issue with their roast. You get your meat and huge Yorkshire pudding on your plate and then an elegant serving silver tray houses every accessory you may need to make it your best roast ever. We’re talking carrots, mashed potato, roast potato, cauliflower and everything else you can see here. Mash is a hit and miss side when you’re dining out so I had my reservations but I frantically lapped it up it was that good.

Admittedly I have the stomach the size of a small child so I did struggle to finish but that's never a bad problem to have. The chicken was deliciously rich and the gravy incredibly moreish. To finish was dessert - which on the set menu was a Sherry Trifle. Yet again another course where you didn't want to disturb its artistic greatness but luckily we have cameras to capture such moments so after a few minutes of pretty pictures, we delved in to a delightfully light and fruity dish. And what was a perfect end to a flavoursome trio of dining.

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In terms of pricing, it's remarkably reasonable for a restaurant so decadent. You'll pay £15.95 for the 1 course, £21.95 for 2 and £24.95 for 3 which by the photos you may be able to tell I think it's worth every penny. We also had a string quartet throughout dinner playing everything from Coldplay to Alicia Keys and we all know I'm a sucker for a cover. From that to the food, the staff to the surroundings, Grand Pacific is a gem nestled in amongst Manchester's most beaut buildings, and one whether you're on date night, wanting to impress the family or going all out on girls night - you should put on your hit list.


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