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Untitled Untitled Manchester is full of the quirkiest places around, from cool NQ bars to slick Spinningfield vibes, yet every now and then it’s nice to go back to basics, and for me being a country girl, get the feel of an old school pub. Because I never normally stray away from my usual haunts, I didn’t know much about The English Lounge, which for those also not in the know is on the High Street just opposite the Arndale.

The place has had a recent refurb and whilst it’s been updated, it hasn’t lost its character and charm. You’ve got a sweeping wooden bar, all the beers you could crave, cute quotes and plush leather seating. We opted for a seat by the window, and when I say ‘we’, I mean me because the blogger in me took over and we all know natural light is a blogger’s best friend.

You’ve got a few choices when it comes to menus - their set lunch is ridiculously affordable and offers a whole lotta choices. We decided to go for the full menu because anywhere with Baked Camembert as a starter is a win in our eyes. It was a little smaller than what I’m used to so definitely don’t share with a friend or maybe that’s just me being greedy? Scott I blame you for getting me into this dish. The camembert itself was delicious and not overly flavoursome for those not completely into their cheeses.

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As for the main event, I did spend a good ten minutes changing my mind between four or five options, which is always a sign of a good menu. In the end we went for the Peri Peri Chicken which comes with chunky chips and a salad garnish and the Triple Cheese Burger. And yes I sampled both, not all to myself obviously - but I’m one of those people who’ll make a decision in a restaurant and always want what someone else has when it comes to being served.

The chicken as expected was spiced and a perfect portion for lunch - I did struggle with the chips because my child-sized stomach likes to strike every now and then but they were light and fluffy in texture and a whole lotta filling. The burger was huge, and that’s no exaggeration and you can mix and match if you wanna have it with skinny fries or sweet potato. If you’re into your cheeses, definitely go for this - I couldn’t take my eyes of it melting down the burger when it arrived.

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We did um and ah about dessert being so full at this point, but we don’t like to fall at the last hurdle, so we went for the Salted Caramel Fudge Cake which as you can imagine from its name, was just something else. Any menu without a chocolate cake option is a menu lacking in my eyes so this definitely ticked a box.

If you’re after some old school vibes in a chic environment without a hefty bill - it’s one to check out if you’re in the city.


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