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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Cocktails At The Botanist

Untitled Untitled If I could move The Botanist closer to where I live, I would. Every time I go, I get reminded why I should go more often, and that can only be a good thing. Quickly growing (there's 13 at the moment across the UK), you could be worried of a chain like effect on the empire, but with its attention to detail branding and homely interior, it's a venue that's got charm around every corner, and cocktails.

Over the past five years I've come to really enjoy alcohol rather than my late teens when its only purpose served was to 'get smashed', or as politely as you can put it. My current poison being a pornstar martini which tastes as good as it sounds, and if you've never had one, I recommend you try one next time you're out on the town.

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We nipped down to check out their latest updates to the cocktail menu - yep, I know, life's tough. Their Manchester branch is on the Deansgate stretch and is the perfect spot on a warm day to watch the city go by sipping a tipple, or three. First up we gave the Poppy and Pomegranate Martini a go. I'm a sucker for presentation with a pretty purple flower floating, it's a light and fruity option to start your night off. Next up was the Velvet Green Martini. I'll be honest, hearing any drink with egg whites in does sometimes send alarm bells ringing and with a rich green colour, it's not one I'd ever look at and think 'yep, that's the one for me' but appearances, like most instances in life, can be deceiving. It was deliciously refreshing and once the egg picture was out of my head, it made for a thoroughly enjoyable drink for a hot summer's day.


The final one, after some nibbles of course, was served in a 'so on brand it hurts' terracotta plant pot. I said The Botanist did branding well, didn't I? And is named the Raspberry Disaronno Sour. I'm a big amaretto fan so it's no surprise that this one was my favourite, even if it was the strongest of all three for me. And yes it has that cool cold ice effect when it's poured, so you get that perfect Boomerang every time.

If cocktails are your thing then check these guys out - all I've got to do is convince them to open one in Ancoats...

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