City Guide: Paris

Untitled So last week we mastered the art of spontanaeity. We needed a vacay, a trip, a break. So two days before we flew, we booked it. And by 'it', I'm talking about Paris. It's not the first time I've been and each time I've been, I've travelled there differently. But with each trip comes new findings so if you find yourself for the first time in the city of love, don't fret. Whilst you can't see allllll of the wonders this magical place has to offer, you can have a pretty good go at it. Get ready to clog up your camera roll and fall a little, well a lot, in love...

Travel by...

Foot, where you can

Everywhere you turn in Paris is stunning, so it's a crying shame if you don't ache your eyes with its beauty. Try to section off the city by its districts so you're not hopping from one side of the river to another constantly. And wear comfy shoes that's for sure. For when you can't handle the walking, make it down to the Metro. Not only are the tram stops steeped in history and asking for an Instagram, they cover almost every inch of the city, making getting around it a dream. You can buy a 3 day ticket which will only set you back €25 and gives you unlimited reign of the city. For the Uber lovers, they have it here in Paris but I'd only use if you have to.

Have dinner with a view at

The Pullman Tour Eiffel

Okay so the Eiffel Tower may be a tourist cliche but it is for a reason. And what better view to gaze upon over dinner? Be savvy with your booking because this place gets rammed come peak time. Your reservation won't guarantee you an outside prime spot, it's your usual first come first served biz, so head down early for pre dinner drinks - the bar staff whip up an amazing strawberry prosecco cocktail. And keep those eyes peeled/get on the waiter's good side to make sure you're seated next ready for the Eiffel Tower to put on a show.

Get sky high at

Montparnasse Tower

So it may be 100m smaller than the Eiffel Tower, but at the third tallest building in Paris, it's arguably the best view of the city boasting panoramic views across the skyline. If you've got the cash to splash, book into their restaurant and if you want to soak in the view at the AM and PM you can buy a dual ticket for just that.

Take in the culture at

Sacre Coeur

Nestled in the city's quirky and romantic cobbled streets of Monmartre, sits the Sacre Coeur. It's one of the city's most iconic buildings and landmarks so hike up that hill to not only get yet another great view of the city, but see just why this place is such a big deal. Entry inside is free so get in that queue to admire its beauty and if you can handle 300 stairs, dig out €6 to climb all the way to the top where you'll wander around the building's dome.


Spend a Sunday at

All the museums

Okay, so I should add an asterix here... If you find yourself in the city the first Sunday of the month, make the most of free museums including the Louvre where you can go see the famous Mona Lisa. Under 26? Most places are free all the time by showing your ID - perks and all that... If modern art is more your thing, head across town to the Centre Pompidou.

Grab a baguette at

Jardin Du Tuileries

Like any tourist city, you'll pay a premium for buying food at the peak spots, but the baguette stall just after the Concorde before hitting the Jardin Du Tuileries, you'll pick up a killer camembert sandwich. Walk a couple of 100m down and there's chic sun chairs facing the water - bring a good book and forget all about your troubles. Or at least think about them in French, it sounds much better.

Show off your skills at

Square Louise Michel

Play a pretty tune on the piano? Impress the locals and tourists alike with some key work at the bottom of the Sacre Couer steps.


Scream if you wanna go faster

Fête des Tuileries

Just next to the Jardin Du Tuileries, sits a pop up theme park with chair swings and rollercoasters. Great for when you wanna lose yourself and rewind those years.

Cool off at

The Louvre

Whilst technically you're not meant to get in the water here, come a hot day, dip your legs into the water and catch some golden rays surrounded by some of the most historical architecture around.


Do it for the 'gram at

Rue Cremieux

Labelled the most colourful street in Paris, lose yourself in a technicolour dream at the Rue Cremieux. Yes it's a little out of town but it's worth the Metro trip for a holiday snap or three. It's not overcrowded yet but if current trends are anything to go by, it won't be long...


Grab some drinks at


In the Monmartre district, it's not an overcrowded spot (yet) and offers a breathtaking vista over the capital. Drinks aren't overpriced and come sundown you'll have to pinch yourself over the view. There's a photobooth downstairs to make the most of before you leave too.

Get a view for no dollar at

La Terrasse, Galaries Lafayette

On the 7th floor of the French department store, sits a free and pretty amazing panoramic view across Paris. There's a bar and restaurant up here too if you fancy a quick refreshment. You can only get a lift to the 6th floor so you'll need to find the staircase to make your way to the top.


Get an unspoilt view of the Eiffel Tower at

Rue de l'Université

Paris is a tourist hot spot but some streets remain untouched. Get your usual shots before heading to the leafier side of the Eiffel Tower at Rue de l'Université for an unspoilt view of the incredible landmark.

Stroll along

The Seine

Obvious but worth doing. Exit The Louvre and head straight down the river all the way to Notre Dame.


Get a sugar rush at


Not only for the pretty interior but for the most iconic macaroons in Paris.

Get your shop on at


From vintage markets to the iconic Champs-Élysées and the most famous shopping mall in Paris - Galeries Lafayette - find your vibe. Galeries Lafayette is worth a trip for its interior alone.

Pick up souvenirs at


Grab a stereotypical beret here for €4 and it's the perfect place to pick up some of the most reasonably priced art across the city.


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