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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Pizza Making With Pizza Express

You can't go wrong with pizza right? But can you go wrong when you make it yourself? Because that's the test we took when we were invited down by Pizza Express to have a pizza making party. Armed with beers, wines and prosecco - what would be the end result...

At the Oxford Street branch, we were given a quick intro and demo as to how to do it right - they always make it look so simple don't they? So after flouring up our station, we got our dough to begin the perfect base. As it turns out getting that much wanted even circle is more effort than you think - others excelled - I did not, so out came the rolling pin - something I've missed since my days of food tech at school. My sausage rolls were so signature - I used to bake them on the weekly and it makes me question whether I could have followed a career there...

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Once we'd nailed the base, the tomato sauce came out and once spread, comes the best bit: the toppings. Whilst others adorned their pizza with colourful concoctions of peppers, onions and mushrooms, I stuck to what I knew (and loved) and doused my homemade delight in layers of cheese and salami with a more is more approach. All done in six inch heels, flared sleeves and a Pizza Express hat.

Untitled Untitled

And then we waited whilst watching each other's creations leave the oven and into our hungry arms seeing just how much of a good job we'd all done. Safe to say I was pretty proud and the group fell silent - the sign of a good pizza. So if you wanna add a little extra the next time you wine, dine and fancy a slice or five of pizza - why not mix it up with an adult pizza party. Because if Jack looks this proud of his pizza, why wouldn't you wanna?

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