Review | Blow Dry at Rush Manchester

UntitledRaise your hand if you hate washing your hair? I am one of those people. In fact I haven't touched my fancy schmancy hairdryer in over a year, which the girl I was a few years ago would shudder at. So when anyone offers to help me be a girl, I am all for it. Cue Rush Manchester

Located on the Deansgate strip, as I like to refer to it, it's nestled amongst bars, restaurants and the general buzz of the city. This autumn the salon turns one so what better excuse to return and give their blow dry a go? I was given the most warm welcome after arriving and yes this included a glass of wine and chocolates - what more could a girl want? - before a quick consultation with my stylist. After years of many hair mess ups, we'll call them, I know what I like and I know what I don't - so I am pretty particular when it comes to the initial de-brief.

Soon after I was whisked into shampoo and conditioner and I won't list every detail as everyone's had one - and yes it included one of those great salon head massages you live for. My brief? Minimal volume with bouncy girls below the jawline (yep I said I was specific...). My stylist was the loveliest guy who put me at ease and made me feel like I'd known him a lot longer than the hour appointment we had.


We started with a slick blow dry, which I was almost tempted to keep as it's my signature and natural go-to, but then we went in for the curls where we talked technique and top tips. It was sectioned into around a dozen sections, curled and then pinned due to me having an event that night. Why is it, I feel totally okay with walking around with my hair pinned in Liverpool, yet in Manchester you get all of the weird looks? Answers on a postcard please. And yes my office took great joy in questioning my new 'do.'

3 hours later, out came the pins and lovely natural curls that dropped into a light wave throughout the night. My hair was kept bouncy and lightweight, which is what I'm used to and scored more than a few compliments in the marketing department, which is always a win really. Despite the hair, what really sells this salon to me is the staff. They're down to earth, friendly and a pleasure to spend an hour's appointment with. Plus they have repeat customer schemes so you can save on dollar too.



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