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Saturday, 19 August 2017

When's Too Soon?

There's probably some blogger law out there that advises against opening a post with a question. But heck, it's the weekend and I'm throwing the rule book right outta the window.

When I first started this blog all of those years ago, it was review after lipstick review and me wasting a million hours* snapping what I was wearing that day. Don't get me wrong, it served a purpose, but for me, my written word is 'my thang.' I want whatever I write to come from a place of authenticity and experience, where I can, from my own, but in the lack of inspiration, of those around me.

So I have this friend. She'd met this guy, from memory twice, and he asked her to go away for the weekend, cue the Q: "is it too soon?" If you're going off length of time, technically yes. Is it risky, do I know them, can I trust them, are we rushing things are the usual internal screams. Is it risky? Probably but you take a risk every time you leave your house in the morning. Do I know them? Do you ever really know anyone? Cue a spoiler - they went away. And the world didn't stop turning.

I have other friends, ones who have been together years and years and years and aren't ready to get married, don't want to get married and are just happy as they are. Some who got married within a year of meeting because the whole 'you know when you know' situation. Some who are happy to coast along without a label or commitment and play it by ear whilst others want to lock it down right away.

Christ, Prince Charming had one dance with Cinderella and knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, despite having to make every girl in the kingdom try on a glass slipper because he could. not. remember. what. she. looked. like. Clearly still not over that Stacey. But you get where I'm going with this. There's no right or wrong, no set template and no rhyme or reason when it comes to matters of the heart. Use that head a little, sure, but life's too short to not follow your heart. So the next time you're umming and ahhing about what to do, trust your instinct bbygrl, it's what it's there for, and it's stronger than you think.

*okay so not a million but a bloody long time. Ask my parents.

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