Junkyard Gold Manchester | First Street


My memories of golf range from rounds of the mini kind when I was younger and trying (and failing) at the driving range and barely hitting a decent distance. Tiger Woods I am not. Luckily, when it involves a pun, a bar and some good times, you can count me in.

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Junkyard Golf Club combines all of those things under one newly relaunched roof, taking them from their previous home in Piccadilly Manchester to First Street, with a third, new course added. Having done the previous two courses, we went for Bozo - a clown and circus inspired course.

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Expect the unexpected and be prepared to be wowed by their attention to detail, standout sets and puns every corner you turn, which for a writer like me, is an absolute dream. And with a bar half way round the course, you can quench your thirst, or do a shot or three if you need to drown your sorrows on how badly you're doing.

Luckily, I won. I got worse as we went round but it's the taking part that counts I guess... And despite the outcome you can bust a move to the music, Instagram every neon sign and grab a hotdog for under £3 - so everyone's onto a winner really.


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