Review | Blow LTD

App I'm the first to admit, I'm not a girly girl. But whilst nails are never something I spend much time doing, I actually enjoy getting them done. So when Blow LTD got in touch offering me an at home service - with the NBAs looming, I thought it the perfect time to road test the service.

Whilst my service was booked for me, you can select a range of things from massages, nails, hair and lots more before choosing your date and time. I'd say inviting a stranger into my home was weird, but having blogged for over five years, meeting people I don't know has become more than the norm.


Luckily my technician was lovely and super easy to talk to. I was impressed at how much kit she had brought and despite me offering, she had everything you could need. I opted for a manicure - going for a girly nude shade so that it would go with everything I wore following. I really wish I was that girl that got excited about glittery nails and funky colours - but hey ho - this is who I am.

The service took around about an hour and was a lovely subtle touch to my look that night and for the rest of the week. And having the service at home was fab to not have to then factor in going to and from the salon before a big night out - one less stress to think about. Because whilst I love doing my own hair and make-up, nails is quite frankly where I fall down, so having someone else come and sort that part of my life out - gets full marks from me...


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