10 Things To Do This Autumn


The clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and it's pretty cold out there, so chances are you'll just want to hibernate at home. But hang up those AW thoughts, because despite the darker days, there's a whole lot to do.

1. Go to a gallery

If you're lucky enough to live near a gallery or three, chances are there's a new exhibition on. So set aside a spare afternoon and lose yourself in someone else's work.

2. Catch a film

Come the colder weather, nothing beats heading to the cinema for 90 minutes of films and food, oh and the trailers - because no-one likes to miss those. Check out off peak times or 2 for 1 offers to save the dollar.

3. Go on a walk

The best way to embrace autumn? By getting out there and actually seeing the seasons change. So dig out the polo necks and cosy parkas. Whether it's a casual stroll or a weekend hike, nothing beats stretching your legs somewhere pretty.

4. Have a mini spa day

And no, you don't have to splash out on a fancy expensive place. Check out day passes at gyms that come with a pool, steam rooms and saunas. So you might not get the massage, but with a jacuzzi and full body steam, it really doesn't matter what the weather's like outside when you're in there.

5. Cook a roast dinner

Of the many great things about autumn, one of my faves is the food. Think pies, stews and roast dinners - because Sundays for the next 6 months will pretty much revolve around Yorkshire puddings if you ask me...

6. Host a dinner party

Take it in turns with your group and host a dinner party. Each person can bring something along so it doesn't end up too costly or each host a different cuisine. 

7. Join the library

Library's are underrated. I am slightly biased as my local is Manchester Central library and it's a beautiful building. Task yourself with trying to read one book a month - it's free and it's calming. What's not to love? 

8. Take part in a pub quiz

Ditch the slick bars and find yourself a traditional pub. You know the ones - where they serve proper pints, the floorboards are uneven and there's either a dart board, pool table - or both. And enter you and your friends in a pub quiz - even if you do crap (very likely), you'll have a laugh along the way.

9. Get your game on

Whether it's something as retro as a jigsaw, The Sims or heading out to play ping pong or Shufflboard, it's a cheap way to spend a weekend, and stay cosy inside. 

10. Or just stay home

Ok, had to be done. With the darker nights and mornings, it technically doesn't count if you stay in bed that little longer right? Just make sure you've got allllll the snacks in, and Netflix films queued.


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