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Review | Hotel Gotham Afternoon Tea

IMG_4992 IMG_4983 IMG_4985 IMG_4986 IMG_4995 IMG_4999 IMG_4991As a big fan of Hotel Gotham after my last visits, I couldn’t say no to afternoon tea, like I needed an excuse. For those not familiar with the hotel, Hotel Gotham opened in 2015 offering a restaurant, rooms, a club membership and a rooftop bar all over six floors.

Located at the top of King Street, it’s slap bang in the city centre and has been decorated beautifully with every detail and corner thought out. I love architecture and interior design so every time I go, I’m in my absolute visual element and it sure looks pretty on my Instagram.

Afternoon tea is served in their Honey restaurant on the sixth floor where you’re met with floods of light from the beautiful original feature windows. Try and grab a table next to one and you won’t be able to stop staring at the view for the duration. Offering arguably some of the best views of the city, that alone is reason to book in my eyes and the staff are impeccable from start to finish.

As for the food, having been to quite the handful of afternoon teas now, it’s pretty standard in terms of your offering - finger sandwiches, scones and cakes with a choice of either traditional tea or a glass of champagne - the champagne option obviously costing more. The scones in particular were my favourite part, a delightful texture twist of heated crispiness on the outside and crumbly soft on the inside. Portion size was spot on, in fact we struggled to finish - the brownie in particular a real treat and one to leave room for.

In terms of price, considering the hotel’s luxe atmosphere and interior, it was in my eyes fantastic value for money. And definitely a place to take your partner/parents to impress.


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