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Untitled I'll hold my hands up and say I 'do it for the 'gram' more than most. If there's a pretty place, I'll wanna go. So when Masons came on the Manchester scene and images of its inviting interior snuck on social, it was on my visit list. But did the food match the fancy venue?

On Bridge Street, it's part of the swanky new renovation of Manchester Hall and on the corner of The Avenue, in Spinningfields. A warm welcome awaits and it's an eagerly awaited escape from any dull and rainy day in Manchester. It was a smaller sized venue than I was expecting but it's intimate and decorated beautifully - whoever was in charge of the restaurant should give themselves a huge pat on the backs now. And also, can you come and design my dream home please?

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The place oozes luxury and warmth, with its green velvet booths, marble touches and rich gold fixtures. Extra zen points for a plant wall and original old windows that let in all the light (great for the 'gram). We booked in mid-week for a brunch date, which stopped serving at midday so off we went with our 11:30am booking (we like a lie in). I do have an ongoing debate as to when breakfast ends and brunch begins, and for me, brunch is an 11am+ job. But in actual fact, I never like to put a restriction on when brunch stops and starts, because it's an all day treat in my eyes... 

I've not yet been at the weekend so can't speak for how busy it gets, but during the week it was lovely and quiet, meaning we got a lot of attention from staff and food was served quickly. I'll be honest, I'd looked at the menu at least six times before arriving, so knew exactly what I was having. What I wasn't expecting was the price. Around town, it's pretty common to pay between £9-£11 for a full english, depending where you go obviously. So imagine my surprise when it was £7.95. So it's also no surprise when all of us ordered the same.


The surprises continued when the food was served. Normally you get one or the other when it comes to sausage and bacon or just the one egg - this wasn't the case, getting two of pretty much everything, and toast. Something pretty much unheard of at that price. And as for presentation, it mimicked the slickness of the venue with picture perfect settings and the food was just as delicious as it looked. Just one tip - go with a hungry stomach, as the portions are so generous, you won't wanna stop.

The staff couldn't do more for us and were friendly and attentive. It's a venue I'll happily take (and show off) to my mum, so that's saying something... 


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