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Monday, 18 December 2017

7 Things To Remember On The Daily

Untitled Some days you'll be soaring on cloud nine, others you'll just wanna pull that thick duvet over your head and avoid life completely. So what do you do when you're feeling down? Remind yourself of the below. And maybe whack out that pack of chocolate digestives.

1. You're stronger than you think

Strength is so much more than a physical thing. That stuff helps too but your mental strength knows no bounds. It can be something as big as completing a half a marathon or something as small as resisting alcohol on a night out or biting your tongue in a meeting. Believe you can and you're halfway there.

2. Look back on how far you've come

Our lives fly by at such a crazy pace, we can feel sometimes, if nothing 'big' in particular has happened, like we're getting nowhere. When you get to that stage, stop and assess. Down struggle street in that situation? Ask others for a lil perspective. One of my first bosses has been in my career all of my life and reminds me regularly of the person I once was and the person I am now, and not to blow my own trumpet, she makes me feel like I'm good enough - and hey it IS okay to get that little inside glow every now and then.

3. Not everyone's like you

If you believe that you'll fast be disappointed. I'm not talking physically but personality, mannerisms and morals. Some people are raised one way, others another. Some will say thank you and please and others won't even hold the door open. Some will radiate friendliness, others all they know is how to be cold. And whilst it can be easy to judge and blame a bad upbringing, don't. You do you and let them do them. Everyone's different and if we were all the same, this world would be a bloody boring place.

4. Heartbreak and pain will shape you

I remember one particular heartbreak where I admitted that I didn't think I'd ever heal. It never fully goes away, well unless it's a papercut and luckily they tend to wave goodbye after a week but with every 'ouch' moment comes a whole lotta lessons. Experience is the greatest teacher and allows your heart to grow every time. It allows your character to soften and appreciate when things improve or something better comes along.

5. Our lives aren't always what we show on social

Raise your hand if you're sick of people assuming you have the 'perfect' life from what they see on social? We live in such a digital and edited world where people are quick to assume you've got it all. Great if you have, don't get me wrong, but we all know we filter what we put out there to an extent. Apps are involved, photos are laid out nicely and content carefully edited. You're hardly likely to upload a snap of you having a quick cry to your girls, or when you get a flat tyre, and sometimes this perfect vision of what our lives are like on social can be incredibly draining to live up to.

6. It's okay to not be okay

Our lives aren't perfect and we're all so used to saying 'we're fine' when asked how we are, it's an auto pilot response. Okay so I'm not saying slur out your problems for 30 minutes to the guy behind the counter when you've popped in for a paper but for those you trust, those who know the real you - open up. Don't bottle things and embrace not being okay. Do what you've gotta do to feel yourself again. Get lost somewhere, literally, turn off your technology, hike up a hill, hug a dog or a cat, do something that scares you and remind yourself you are special. Why? Because there's only one of you.

7. Love and laughter can be found everywhere

So make more time for it. Love can be saying those three words that Chuck Bass struggled with, or it can be hugging someone for that extra bit longer because you know they need it. It can be turning up to your friend's work with a coffee and a bunch of flowers when it's been too long and you just bloody miss them. It can be sitting in silence and just wanting them there, tagging them in a meme because you want to make them smile, turning up out of the blue, hearing their voice over the phone, sending them a text because you're thinking of them - I think you get where I'm going with this. Life can be a tough little place, no man is an island, so rely on your rocks, reach out to the ones that build you up and made you who you are. Love and laughter heal a whole lotta things, plus a good cackle loses kcals and builds those abs right? Sign me up all day errryyday please.

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