Review | Brunch At Browns

Untitled There's a universal debate on when breakfast turns into brunch. For me, anything 11am onwards qualifies as just that. So with our 11am booking, we visited Browns.

I'd only been to the venue once before in Manchester, for a drink before a dinner at Jamie's Italian and it was rammed, so I ended up perching on a window sill for sixty minutes. Wasn't the most pleasant trip but the interior was so stunning, we wanted to return, and I actually wanted a four legged seat this time.

Luckily, the place was empty at this time so I got my pick of seating areas #thatbloggerlife. I think the waiter was a little taken aback by my weird request for a table with "lots of natural light." I ordered a mango and passionfruit smoothie, wanting to veer away from my usual basic orange juice. Staff were over quickly to take our order and whilst I like to pretend I look at the menu, it's always between one of two options: either Eggs Benedict or a Full English. As they were (for once in my life) the same price, I opted for a Full English as I wanted a big meal to set me up for the day, and I was happy I got to select what types of eggs I was after. Poached. Always. My mum ordered the same and my sister opted for the steak and eggs instead, which as you expect is a couple of quid more expensive, but not outrageously so.

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Food wait time was pretty average and I was kind of glad it didn't come too speedily as we had a lot to catch up on. Presentation when it did? Spot on, including the little butter pot because I'm clearly a sucker for those touches it seems. I've had a fair few Full Englishes in Manchester and it's rare you ever get sausages as well as bacon, not only that but two each of those as well as two eggs. So I was in my absolute element, that was after I'd finished snapping it.

My sister, who normally eats slower than me, wolfed her dish down, so I think that gives a good thumbs up and I almost cleared my plate - my only negative would be the beans which were sadly flavourless but as I left them 'til the last, I wasn't overly bothered. I do wish I'd stuck to an OJ as my smoothie wasn't really a smoothie at all and only gave me a lot of ice freeze. But now I know.

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Overall, would I go back? Yes. My mother loves the venue and it is a stunning building that I'd wish I'd known about earlier in the five years I've worked here. The interior alone with the reasonable price points really make this  a hidden gem in the city that needs more recognition.


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