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Untitled Untitled So Duck & Waffle had been on my ‘to-do’ list for a while after seeing it on every blogger’s social media. So when I had a full weekend in London, I booked in. I have to say, if you’re wanting to go - book in advance. I think we booked 6-7 weeks ahead and even then there were limited time slots. So get in there if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Location wise, it’s sandwiched in the Bishopgate/Aldgate area in the Heron Tower which is also home to Sushisamba just a couple of floors below. Come nice weather and summer - this is a great spot to have a few cocktails and watch the sun set. When we went there was some freak winds so either the terrace was closed or no-one wanted to be out there. It’s on the 40th floor so if you’re afraid of heights - it’s one to steer clear of however it’s well worth the view once you get up there. Heights aren’t my favourite thing but providing I feel safe, I can do it, and I did, so use your judgement.

You’re taken from ground floor to floor 40 in a matter of seconds in a beautiful glass elevator, which, we all naturally shared on social media. Once at the top you enter a bar area which we waited in before getting seated. It’s not the interior I expected with a mix of modern and old with graffiti art and chandeliers. The tiled floors in particular are beautiful so for once, something made it on my muted neutral Instagram.

We were led to a beautiful booth by the window overlooking Tower Bridge and The Gherkin which for me is the main selling point of this venue. It was beautiful during the day - so I can only imagine how beautiful it is at night overlooking the city skyline. It did mean that we all tried to squeeze into the booth so no-one had their back to the view.

As with most restaurants you get a two hour holding slot on your table which was more than enough time as the service is super speedy. We had a lovely waiter (I don’t have his name) who couldn’t do more for us and had an infectious personality, making jokes and the whole experience even better. We booked a late brunch slot at just before 3pm as they offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner so depending what you’re after - they have it. We had two bottles of wine with it - which looking back now, seems weird to have wine with brunch, but hey, when in London…

As for food, I went for the full hog and ordered an English Breakfast. As much as I try to stay healthy, I have my weaknesses and it lived up. Portion size was slightly on the smaller size compared to what I’m used to in Manchester and it was £15 which is double what I’d pay up North but it is London and the view was beautiful so I let it slide! I particularly liked the cheese scone which was a nice different addition to a 'fry up’ so to speak and one think to point out, the ingredients looked and felt healthy - not a spot of grease in sight.

Was it the best fry up I’ve ever had? No. But it was pretty damn good and the view is what makes this place the hotspot it is, and the staff of course. So if you’ve got a special occasion or just want to be wowed at the beauty of the world - head up here.


  1. I've always wanted to go to Duck & Waffle! I went for drinks at Sushi Samba a couple of months ago and the view is just insane, especially at night!

    Claudia xx


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