Let's Talk Smear Tests...

Untitled In 2018, after a year of putting it off, I had my first smear test. Whilst it's a subject many don't want to talk about, and I get why, I wanted to share what it was like to hopefully put a few minds at ease. It's easy to put off. You can blame being busy, the receptionists putting you on hold for 30 minutes at a time or the general fear. Everyone hears the horror stories. I sure did. A friend of mine described how bad it was and only changed the story when she discovered I was yet to go. Nice try. Part of me always never wanted it because I don't want the possibility of bad news, which I know sounds stupid. But what this article isn't, is something to put you off. If anything I've written this to offer a little insight and to put your mind at rest, if like me, you've not had one done before.

If I could rewind time, I'd book it in sooner. That's my tip no1. Because of how late I was, my doctors were super speedy in getting me in so I was lucky in that respect. And having it done at the doctors I grew up with helped for sure. Now obviously every experience differs, but my nurse was super friendly and informative before the actual procedure, putting me at ease every step of the way. You hear many a thing. It hurts. It's embarrassing. So let's address those. I wasn't a pleasant experience, but embarrassed I was not.

The procedure itself depends on how relaxed you are, which I know is easier said than done. It's over in a matter of minutes - unless you're stupid like me and go in skinny jeans. And I never thought I'd bring fashion into talking about smears, but there you go. I'm not going to go into every detail, but all that's needed is a sample taken with a brush to get your results.

Does it hurt? Yes but so minimal and it's over before you know it. And when I say 'hurt' - there were no tears, screams or swearing, which for someone who curses on scary rides, says something. Having my braces on, breaking my wrist and falling over in the middle of a main road - all far more painful. And I hope no-one pre-braces reads this. But I will add that was my experience. I've read other stories where it's been different for other people - where it has upset them, hurt more or made them nervous about having another so I don't want to downplay those emotions, experiences and feelings with this post. Instead I just wanted to share what it was like for me, and mainly if anything to get you to go and get yours. It's not worth risking your life by ignoring letters.


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