The Beauty Buys I Swear By

Untitled I'll be honest, I've stuck to the same products for most of my life, but have done for a reason.

So in my years and years of trying every product under the sun - here's the ones I swear by and would wholeheartedly recommend.


Tresemme Cleanse & Renew
I swore by Dove for most of my life, but as I barely colour my hair now, in a bid to remove build up - I love this shampoo. It gets my hair squeaky clean and means I only shampoo my hair 2-3 times a week compared to the every day I used to do it. The big bottles are often on offer which is basically my dream.


Collection's #19 - Red Carpet
Red lipstick is my thing. And I've tried most from designer to budget and this high street number is my staple. It's £2.99 and gives a nice matte finish. Packaging is nothing to shout home about but for less than £3, I don't really care and since I go through so many of these a year, I'd rather save on the pennies. It's a classic rich red shade that will suit pretty much any skintone - I wear both with a tan and with my natural pale shade. I find it even moisturises my lips too compared to if I wear nothing on my lips at all.


Simple's Rich Moisturiser 
After a few skincare reactions, I swerve perfumed products and opt for kind ingredients so Simple really fits the bill for me. Again, less than a fiver and hydrates my skin really well.

Make-up Remover

Garnier's Micellar Water
Despite my kinda unhealthy lifestyle, I'm lucky with my skin and it's safe to say this miracle water has a part to play in it. If you want to give it a go, wait until it's on offer.


MAC's Studio Fix Fluid
There's a reason why this foundation is so popular. I've been buying it for five years and I can't get enough. It's medium - high coverage, so a little goes a long way, and it gives me a great glow and a whole lotta confidence.

Fake Tan

St Moritz's Mist in Medium 
Despite not applying this properly or carefully, this budget fake tan brand gives me a great glow in a matter of minutes, and it'll cost you less than a fiver. Winning. Just be careful of drink spillages.

Brow Setter

Collection's Clear Mascara
I don't do much to my brows but I like to use a £1.99 clear mascara to lay the foundation for the shape and then quickly comb over to then set it.

Heat Protection 

Tresemme's Heat Defence Styling Spray
I went around six months without drying my hair but now I'm back on the blow dry - I won't ever use heat unless I've spritzed this amazing product. It's between £4 - £7 depending on offers but you'll only need to buy one every few months. I honestly love it.

Hair Curlers 

Babyliss Curling Wand Pro
It's the wand everyone talks about. It's less than £30 and gives me the best curls I've ever had. And it's saved me on so many bad hair days. THANK U BABYLISS.

Hair Straighteners 

I've used them for 10 years and despite barely straightening my hair (it's polka straight naturally), if I ever need to - these are my go-to - plus my first ever pair lasted almost ten years, so despite the fact, they're pricey, the cost per use is AMAZING.


My parents bought me this a while ago, and at first, I didn't like it. It was around £100 and it felt heavy and my hair didn't take to it. Now - I swear by it - my hair dries in half the time, and gives it a softy and bouncy blow. Again, well worth the money for me.


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