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Friday, 2 March 2018

Why I Quit Fashion Blogging


When I first started this blog all those years ago, it was very different. As you'll be able to guess by the name, it was a fashion blog.

I've got the SEO fear of switching it over, hence why it's still what it is. Back then I was one in hundreds that took photos of my outfits in my room. You'd balance a compact camera on a stack of books, a nearby shelf or anything that would prop it up to get 'the shot.' Sure my technique improved, moving onto an SLR and even a remote control. Believe me when I say that revolutionised the way I blogged. I'm not sure my neighbours got it, being a girl from a small village, but I quickly got into the swing of things.

I was happily posting three times a week, and for someone who hated having their photo taken, it was a step in the right direction. Come winter, any fashion blogger will tell you the struggles of cramming in imagery in next to no hours. So when I had that, my full time job at boohoo and eventually moving into the city centre with a new life to juggle, my fashion blogging faded out. And in all honesty, I'm happier for it.

I love fashion, and I can't stress that enough. It's what I do for a living and I browse the shops most lunch breaks. Even though I try, and try being the operative word, to dress like a cool girl, I love a lavish dress every now and then and I'm never as put together as some girls. When I moved to Manchester, got my first proper job and had all these plans and friends to spend time with, something had to give.


I started my blog at a time I wasn't happy, and in some ways it saved me. It gave me a direction, a focus and a way for me to express myself. Moving to Manchester continued that and has given me the best years of my life, and to be completely honest, I'm not photogenic, I don't buy that many clothes these days and I wear the same ten outfits. Jeans and a basic black tee would hardly make for great content. There's bloggers out there who have taken fashion blogging through the roof. I'm talking the Lydia Elise Millens, the Frassys and the In The Frows. They to me epitomise fashion blogging and just how it's grown.

For me to fit this blog into my life, it had to change, because I didn't have time for it, and I love to write more than anything in this world. So change it did. Now it focuses around content that happens naturally in my life. The lipstick I've bought time and time again for four years, the best brunch spots in Manchester, my life advice, tips and tricks. I don't want to ever find this blog a chore. I only want to write what comes from my heart. And I think that's the trick to blogging for a long time. To question what you're doing, why you're doing it and if it's making you happy. Who knows, I could stop tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or never. But what I will always do is write what I want to write, and you should too.

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