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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Where I've Been...

Untitled I think this title suggests way more more than you're about to read.

I guess you could call it click bait, but regardless, here you are. I've been a little quiet on here, which coming from someone who used to write three times a week and even would go as far as scheduling a month in advance, is weird. Why? I can't really pin it on one thing.

I love to write, I love blogging, but what I never want to do, is write for the sake of it. Writing up until recently used to be a big part of my job. I can't imagine how many words a day I was churning out, so when I came home, it wasn't something I rushed to do for this blog. Blogging by choice gives me that freedom. I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want - gifting and review posts aside. And I love that. At work I have deadlines, but I don't want that with this. I want to be proud of whatever I put out there and make it a post I, if I were a reader, would actually want to read.

In some ways my life priorities have changed, affecting this blog but I'm happier than ever. I spend more time with my family than ever, two of my friends from home moved here a year ago and I've got a guy in my life now. And don't get me wrong, I could blog more, I'm not saying it can't be done, but with all of the above, it's not been my first choice. And I don't feel guilty for that. My parents are my best friends, I love brunching with my girls and eating snacks and watching First Dates with the fella is how I like to spend my time.

My blog's always been a reflection of my life and that's how I want it to stay. Sometimes I'll have a whole list of ideas, of things I want to talk about and experiences I want to share. And other times, life will be that little bit more hectic that I need to take some time away. So long story short, life's got in the way. This past year has been a whirlwind. There's been highs and lows but that's the beauty of life. I'm not saying I'll be back as regular as I was before. I want to live my life more than I write about it. And when I do write something, it's something wroth reading. I hope you'll stick around...

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