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Saturday, 23 June 2018

26 Things I Loved About Being 26


As told by my Instagram. Many other things happened, but they mustn't have made it onto the 'gram. As you can probably guess, I'm waving goodbye to my 26th year. I still feel in my early twenties, and I hope I look it too. But at the risk of rambling on because we all I know I love to write, here's 26 of my favourite things that happened to me aged 26, if you can be bothered to get to the end...

1. We Went To Paris

So what if it was my third time, Paris is always a good idea. Especially during a heat wave whilst eating halloumi baguettes. And my Insta feed thanked me for some of the prettiest snaps I ever did take.

2. I Re-launched boohoo's Online Blog

It's called 'The Fix' if you fancy a nosy. But getting to write daily to a global audience and grow it to the scale it is today, will always be a proud moment. The burger in the snap was mediocre. Too much lettuce.

3. My Best Friend Got Pregnant

And is due in the next couple of months. No other commentary needed apart from HELL YES.

4. I Got To Watch This Little Fur Ball Grow Up

And despite his resting b*tch face, I think deep down he loves me lying 1cm away from his face and touching his little sock paws.

5. I Got To Wear Some Pretty Amazing Get-Ups

And channel my inner Blair Waldorf/Scarlett O'Hara. Floor length gowns are seriously underrated. Well, until you head out to the NQ after and look more than just a little bit dressed up.

6. I Continued To Eat My Way Around Manchester

And it was amazing.

7. Two Of My Friends From Home Moved To City

Cue even more adventures, glasses of wine and questionable bruises and credit card statements the morning after. And I'm happy to report I'm still hangover free.

8. We Moved Apartments AND Neighbourhoods

Normally I'm a little anxious about change, but it was the best decision I made. Because sometimes a fresh start can do you the world of wonders. And you get a badass new corner sofa too. Even if we have a strict 'no red wine' policy anywhere near the cream carpets...

9. My Sister Had Her Hen Do

Even if we barely made the flight because my sister refused to stop eating her bacon sandwich in the terminal in order to board the plane.

10. And Then She Got Married

As people who have hen dos do. And it could not have been more stunning weather. It flew by but it was the best day. And we scaled up 'The Roaches' just outside of Leek for country photos. In heels. And a floor length gown. Who doesn't love a challenge?

11. This Little Cutie Turned Two

And got a FULL SIZE TRAMPOLINE for her birthday. Talk about parent goals. But yes she's adorable.

12. We All Got A Little Grown Up And Started Getting Our Own Places

Mine is yet to happen but is a hell of a lot more close. But seeing all my friend's beaut red brick, sash windows and original features come to life with hard work, is hella inspiring.

13. We Spent More Time In Old Trafford Than Ever

And met some of the team. And yes I went in skinny jeans and heels, because some things don't change even if I'm at the footie.

14. I spent 2017 out pretty much every night

A much loved colleague of mine once said: "you get invited to the opening of a door" which was sorta true, as I spent more time out than in. And got over my shyness once again and partied like there was no tomorrow. Dan Shidlow I'm lookin' at you.

15. I spent the first six months aged 26 looking after my body

And it kinda paid off. I still ate many snacks, hot dogs and cookies though. I'll never be a diet and salad girl. Soz.

16. I Hopped Off The Plane At LAX With A Dream And MY Cardigan*

*Party In The USA lyrics. But a few months ago, flew to LA with work and had the best time seeing all the things you see in the films growing up. And made some new friends off the back of it. Because nothing bonds you like Evan getting lost in LA on the walk of fame or Eve's suitcase flying out of the back of a taxi onto the freeway because the driver didn't shut the boot properly.

17. I Was More Tanned Than Ever

Because I tan OKAY.

18. I Spent More Time With The Folks

Take That gigs, United games, day-long brunch and booze sessions and dad having to come me with to watch horror films at the cinema. And cute as hell pics like this.

19. We Went To Cambridge

I'd never been and always wanted to go. We didn't punt but did hang out with Shaggy and he told us it wasn't him. So that made up for it.

20. I Didn't Dress In Black Every Day

Baby steps and big bardot tops...

21. I Met This Hun

And there's no-one else I'd rather tag in memes, eat snacks, or make memories with.

22. And We Survived 7 Days Without Killing Each Other In Ibiza

Despite being smacked in the face due to my savage ping pong skills.

23. I Spent Way More Time In The Outdoors

I'm a country gal, it's what we do. Even if mountain rescue have to ask if I'm okay 3/4 up a mountain - just my face lads.

24. I Stopped Messing Around With My Hair

Despite being born fairer, I'm letting it do its own thing. The sun changes it so quickly and I care less about how perfect it looks with every day that goes by. Life's too short to have neat hair.

25. I Saw Some Incredible Sunsets

No explanation needed.

26. And I Laughed Every Minute I was 26

Thanks Jack Hale for this photo. And everyone for the memories. It's been a blast, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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