Declutter 101 | How To Rid Your Life Of Things You Don't Need


Hoarder huns put your hands up in the air with me. I have a confession. I collect clutter. So when it came to my fifth move out of four years, I decided enough was enough, and in a bid to lift a weight off my mind and space in my flat, I decluttered.

And in the hope I can pass on some words of wisdom, here's how this article came about.

1. Set some time aside

Maybe it's an entire day or weekend. Or maybe you dedicate every night after work to sorting through your stuff. Whatever time of day works best for you - do it. Set a deadline that you need to have sorted everything out by. It helped for me that I was moving in a month, so I left myself two weeks to declutter, one week to move everything out and one week to clean.

2. Make it as fun as possible

Yep I know the idea itself doesn't sound exciting. Especially when happy hour is calling and sipping  a pornstar martini or three is waaaay more appealing, but HANG IN THERE. We're doing this for a reason huns. If you worry this'll be you, think like Mary Poppins (a sentence I never thought I'd type). "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." How? you ask. Grab the squad and get them to help. Many hands make light work and they can help you decide if that dress you haven't worn in 3 years is really worth keeping. And add snacks, pizza and even a glass of wine. Gotta keep your energy levels up, and all that...


3. Don't fall at the first hurdle

"I might wear it again" or "It could come in useful" - don't lie to yourself or you'll keep all the clutter you were meant to get rid of. So when it comes to sorting your stuff - it'll fall into one of five categories: save, store, sell, donate or throw away.


These are the can't live without, use all the time and have a purpose items. The ankle boots that go with everything, the thousands of bobble that will inevitably go missing and the seven rings you wear on rotation. Put your go-to things within easy reach. Don't let your favourite tee get lost at the bottom of your set of drawers. Display your favourite jewellery on your dresser and keep bobbles in every bag so you're never short.


These are the seasonal pieces or sentimental belongings. Bring out your tea dresses for summer and store your chunky knits, knee high boots and heavy coats away ready for A/W. It'll stop you from having to scramble through a bursting wardrobe and will mean you won't overbuy new things because you'll be able to clearly see what you've got and what you've not. Sentimental things should be stored if not used daily. Don't throw away any items that mean something to you. If it's precious, wrap up and store safely - whether that's jewellery, old photos or memories.



With apps like Depop and Ebay about, selling your stuff is pretty straightforward. This week I'm trying to start this too. Especially useful if you've got bits with tags on or seasonal pieces people will want at a fraction of the price. Every little helps and all that... 


These are the bits you no longer need that someone else might. Rather than just binning these bits, head to your local charity shops and give a little back. 

Throw away

And as a last resort, there'll be those bits that don't fall into the above, so it's time to throw away responsibly and by recycling. 


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