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Monday, 14 January 2019

2018 In A Ramble


So here we are in 2019. I'm late to the party with a post like this aren't I? I'd not really planned to do one of these posts at all. Which is weird because that person used to be me. And before this sounds like a spiralling blog post, I promise you it isn't. Quite the opposite. I remember reading something somewhere once that remarked on how the Taylor Swifts and the Adeles of the world write their best music through bad times and experiences. And whilst the only singing I do is (badly) in the shower, I find that's the same for me and my writing. It's easier to pour your heart out on a page (or macbook) when challenging times hit. So the posts were less personal last year. All of this happened instead...

After six years I got a new job, which was kept on the down-low more than people expected and at the time it was scary. My previous job was all I’d known for so long. The office, the people, the work and the routine. But moving on was the best decision I made, which for someone who was always tagged with the whole "doesn't like change", surprised me. My work/life balance became balanced, simply put. My hours were less and I was back focusing on writing, which I love. It meant that I was met with all these extra hours in the week not knowing quite what to do with them. Most of those hours have probably been spent watching Netflix if I'm honest. This year I'll put them to better use maybe...


For those who are still reading at this point, I got into a relationship - god is that the way you word it?! I'm now thinking of alternative words and coming up with even worse options: "entered into", "became in a" so I'm just going to stop there. You know what I mean. It’s been a while since I’ve given anyone that much of my time and focus, and believe me it took some adjusting. You become set in your own ways and single me was a planner. I had my diary filled out three months at a time and I had no idea how people fitted in their lives, their friends, their family and a relationship. But long story and rambling short, I haven't effed it up yet and it's going good. Great even. Someone touch some wood for luck for me... If you're intrigued about this badly worded scenario, I wrote about how we met here, for those that fancy a read.

Other than that, I simply lived, through some key moments. My sister got married, we went on more weekends away than I can count, my friend had her first baby, we moved flats AND neighbourhoods, I sampled most brunch spots in Manchester, tried my first and last Negroni (eww), baked far too many camemberts and if I'm honest, didn't blog enough. My breaks from this site were always unintentional, and the old me would apologise but I'm not going to. I lived more than I documented it on here. I love blogging and I want to continue to love it, so I'll never force myself to type for the sake of it. But I will try my best to keep things more active. Here's to 2019. I hope you live up to last year.

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