5 Places With Killer Views In London


Chances are if there's some sort of rooftop, I'll be there in a shot. And thankfully, London doesn't disappoint. If you're into your views, here's five to get on your visit list and your Insta feed.


1. The Sky Garden

Probably one of the most famous. At 35 floors up, it's the UK's highest garden and boasts 360 views across the city. And best of all, it's free entry. Tickets these days go in a flash, so keep an eye on their bookings to grab one - they usually become available anywhere from two weeks to a month before. They've also got restaurants and bars up here should you fancy a bite. It's not cheap but it does come with a killer view.

2. Madison

Not the highest view but still spectacular, Madison bar and restaurant offers a huge roof terrace overlooking St Pauls and the city beyond. Seats inside go quickly, so definitely one to visit on a sunny day.


3. The Garden At 120

We literally stumbled across this last weekend as we spotted it from looking down from the Sky Garden and did a little investigating. 120 Fenchurch Street is soon to be home to a D&D restaurant and on the floor above (15th) is this stunning roof garden with amazing views across London. For now, it's free to visit and there's no booking needed. With time, there'll probably be queues downstairs and could end up having a booking like SG, so if you're in the area, head there quick just in case!

4. Tate Modern 

Nestled on the Thames is Tate Modern which is worth a visit alone. On the 10th floor there's wrap around views of the city. The lifts are so slow so I'd advise taking the stairs, but slowly - it is 10 floors after all...


5. Coppa Club Tower Bridge 

A restaurant I keep coming back to. Why? Because of this view and these igloos. With views of The Thames, Tower Bridge and The Shard (amongst others), it's a beautiful spot to brunch, lunch and dinner in.


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